Cat Back Exhaust Systems

If you enjoy enhancing your vehicle with aftermarket parts and customizations, you may want to try using cat back exhaust systems as your next improvement. Car manufacturers design and sell cars that have stock parts and systems. While these stock parts may be adequate for most buyers, other buyers want to improve their vehicle's performance by using aftermarket parts. If you want to improve your vehicle's exhaust system, using aftermarket parts such as cat back exhaust systems can help you make customizations that meet your specific requirements.

Aftermarket parts

Aftermarket parts are simply parts or systems that are not made by a vehicle's original manufacturer. Stock parts are parts that are considered to be OEM, or original equipment manufacturer. When someone uses anything but stock parts to repair or enhance a vehicle, they are using aftermarket auto parts. For example, someone customizing a Ford pickup truck with a part made by another company is using aftermarket auto parts. Cat back exhaust systems are another good example of an aftermarket auto system.

Cat back exhaust systems defined

Before you decide to purchase cat back exhaust systems, you need to know exactly what cat back exhaust systems are and what they are used for. Cat back exhaust systems are the part of a car's entire exhaust system that extends from the catalytic converter to the open end of the tailpipe. Other parts included in cat back exhaust systems usually include the muffler and the entire length of pipe that leads to open air. Many people use cat back auto systems to enhance their vehicles and customize them to their desired specifications. Stock exhaust systems usually use more narrow pipes, while cat back exhaust systems use a wide pipe. There are other differences in cat back exhaust systems, including parts and processed use to reduce the amount of back pressure on the system.


Many aftermarket auto parts manufacturers produce cat back exhaust systems. These companies include trusted manufacturers such as Gibson, Flowmaster, and Magnaflow. Before purchasing cat back exhaust systems, you will want to compare several systems from different manufacturers. Check the system specifications carefully and be sure that they match up with what your vehicle requires. You will also want to compare specifications to find out if you will be able to customize your car exactly as you desire. Price will also be a factor in your purchase of cat back exhaust systems. You may be able to find deals by searching several Web sites. While the prices of cat back exhaust systems are usually comparable to each other, you may get lucky and find a great price, saving you money on your car customization project.


There are many benefits to working with cat back exhaust systems. One is that most of these systems are available in either aluminum or stainless steel. Having a selection of materials available makes it easier for you to customize your vehicle based on your budget and how you want your vehicle to perform. Cat back exhaust systems can also make your vehicle louder, giving it a sound that relates to high performance. Cat back exhaust systems can also result in better gas mileage and more horsepower and torque for your vehicle. Installing one of these high-performance exhaust systems can help improve the sound, performance, and efficiency of your vehicle, so buying cat back exhaust systems is something you should consider when customizing your truck.

Customizing your car with cat back exhaust systems will also give you a lot of personal satisfaction in addition to better vehicle performance and efficiency. When you customize your vehicle to be exactly the way you want it, you have the opportunity to make important decisions about the parts and systems you use. You'll also be able to learn new auto repair and customization skills, which you can continue using for the rest of your life. Having useful skills can save you a lot of time and money over the years, as you purchase new vehicles and keep them maintained.

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