Aftermarket Parts

12 Volt Car Batteries

A 12 volt car battery is an electrical storage device. It does not make electricity; it stores it for future use. Certain chemicals in the battery change the electrical energy so that it is released to power up your lights, radio, windshield wipers, etc. A12 V car battery is also necessary for your car's ignition […]

Overload Springs

A good truck air suspension system will help you to add a bit of cushion to your ride when hauling or towing. It helps you to protect your vehicle from the constant wear and tear typically caused by hauling heavy items and adds a bit of stability when you need to apply the brake pedal, […]

Automotive Fuse Block

A fuse block is made up of fuses which operate at various amperage values. The amperage value which a particular fuse is operating on is factored by the electrical component that it is working with. If the amount of voltage is tremendously increased or decreased then the fuse could end up burning out. This is […]

Bosch Fuel Pumps

Car enthusiasts are interested in up to date technology and performance parts for their vehicles. Reliable and durable performance parts are sought after when building high performance motors. This is also the case when rebuilding stock motors. One of the most important factors for a strong running motor is the fuel pump. The fuel pump […]

RV Shocks

Shock absorbers provide a smooth ride for all sorts of vehicles. However, not all shocks are created equal and some require more strength and dependability than others. Motor homes and RVs are a lot heavier than cars and trucks. They react to bumps and corners differently because of their weight and the high center of […]

Car Mirror Glass

Few drivers realize that they do not have to replace an entire mirror assembly should the glass shatter, break, or fall out of the various mirrors in their automobile. Instead, for a fraction of the cost of the full assembly, drivers can purchase the mirror glass separately and replace the glass themselves, saving hundreds of […]

Car Indicator Lights

It seems that with each new car you own, the number of indicator lights present on the dashboard grows exponentially. From the simple “check engine” light to “oil change” lights or “open door” indicators, knowing what each light means will allow you to separate the important from the non-important. Seat Belt/Ajar Door Light or Alarm […]

Thermal Limiter Switch

A thermal limiter is much like a fuse. This device was used on many General Motors cars and trucks during the mid to late 1970s and was designed to help protect the compressor inside the air conditioner. The thermal limiter switch keeps the clutch in the air conditioner from engaging when the air conditioning system […]

Clutch Slave Cylinder

Whenever you drive a vehicle that is not an automatic it will have a manual shift transmission. In order to shift the gears there must be a hydraulic clutch system installed in the vehicle. The hydraulic clutch system must have a clutch slave cylinder. The clutch slave cylinder operates by a rod that pushes out […]

Shifter Boot

A shifter boot is standard equipment on any car truck that has a manual transmission. It is necessary to keep out dust and dirt particles from getting into your gears. The shifter boot also act as a sound barrier and keeps out any wetness or air from rushing into your car or truck as you […]

Diesel Truck Exhaust Stacks

Exhaust stacks are a fairly unique car part because everybody has seen them, but most people don’t recognize the name. When you look at a big truck (like an 18-wheeler), the exhaust stack is the vertical pipe the smoke comes out of. The exhaust stack is a replacement for a regular car’s muffler; it serves […]

Fuel Tank Sensor

One of the common misconceptions that many vehicle owners have is that a fuel tank sensor is the gadget responsible for telling you how much or how little fuel you have in the tank. Unfortunately, that little device is a float that simply indicates the level of fuel relative to the size of the tank. […]

Headlight Relay

In most newer cars and trucks today the headlight switch actually contains three different switches in one. One switch operates the parking lights while a second operates the driving lights. The third switch is for high beams or bright lights. Most vehicles have headlight switches that use electromechanical devices to control the headlight relays. A […]

Fender Trim

Fender trim not only outlines the curves and waves of the vehicle, it also provides durable protection. The fender’s primary function is to block flying debris that tires pick up and throw while driving. The amount of force that the tires throw debris with can damage other cars and even itself when driving down the […]

Windshield Glass

Windshield glass, also known as laminated safety glass, is a type of treated glass that is ideal for the front of automobiles because of its durability and weatherproof characteristics. Windshield glass actually consists of two layers of glass, which are held together with a layer of plastic laminated between. This double layer of glass with […]

Wheel Cylinder

Most vehicles today have braking systems that require the use of disc brakes in the front. This is the most modern system for braking and allows the vehicle’s front wheels to stop effectively when the brake pedal is pushed. On the rear wheels however, disc brakes are not used. Most vehicles have drum brakes. In […]

Valve Stem Seals

Most modern day vehicles are powered by an overhead cam engine which consists of cylinders, valves, shafts, guides and many other smaller parts. Valve stem seals are one of the smaller parts to the engine. Valve stem seals are important because they improve engine operation and the emissions quality in engines that are in heavy […]

Headlight Lens

Driving with a discolored, damaged or missing headlight lens is not only a danger to you and your vehicle but to other oncoming vehicles on the road as well. It is an easy problem to resolve and not expensive, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to find a solution. Whether you […]

Bosch Wiper Blades

Bosch wiper blades are some of the most reliable and durable windshield wiper blades on the market. They're quiet, flexible, and they keep your windshield as shiny and smear free as possible regardless of the weather conditions. Bosch wiper blades come in many configurations, styles, models, with the most popular configurations being one piece wiper […]

Custom Truck Bumpers

Besides merely protecting various parts of a truck, bumpers also aid in the overall appearance. Custom truck bumpers are often purchased to change or enhance the look of a truck. They can make a truck look more luxurious or sportier depending on the specific type of custom bumper that you choose. Those who enjoy mudding […]

BMW Oxygen Sensors

Emissions are something that most people are concerned about when owning a vehicle. New smog laws help to reduce the amount of emissions that vehicles on the road typically produce. All vehicles produce a certain amount of emissions that must be controlled in order to have a clean environment. BMWs are no different, and certain […]

Power Steering Belt

Power steering belts aren't as common as they once were, with more cars adopting a full-electric power steering system. However, a great number of American and foreign automobiles use an electric-hydraulic power steering system and still require this invaluable belt. The official name of any automotive belt is the “serpentine belt.” The power steering belt […]

Inner Tie Rod

As any experienced mechanic knows, tie rods are an integral part of a vehicle’s steering mechanism and are only capable of handling tensile loads. Each tie rod is comprised of both an outer and inner end and they are employed to transmit force from either the rack gear or steering center link to the steering […]

Glow Gauge

A glow gauge is basically a template or face that fits down over your vehicle’s original gauge face. The glow gauge replaces the lighting scheme that is currently in your vehicle. Basic factory lighting schemes are typically red and blue colors glowing from the needs and numbers. A glow gauge allows you to put different […]

Replacement Carburetors

Carburetors are an integral piece of a vehicle that greatly affect the performance and lifetime of your car, truck, or SUV. Automotive engines are designed to burn gasoline in order to create pressure and then convert this pressure into movement. Each combustion cycle within the engine requires a miniscule amount of gasoline – about 10 […]

Short Ram Intake

A Short Ram Intake (SRI) is an easy aftermarket modification that you can make to your car or truck engine. Modifying with a short ram intake will keep the air filter inside the engine bay and will connect directly to the throttle body. This is in direct contrast to a Cold Air Intake (CAI) which […]

Headlight Eyelids

From show cars to daily drivers, customized headlights are becoming a standard feature on many vehicles. Some are installed from the factory, creating an aggressive and sporty look for cars that would otherwise blend in seamlessly. Others are installed as an aftermarket accessory, allowing a vehicle owners to customize and improve their car's appearance to […]

Choke Thermostat

With few exceptions all combustion engines have a carburetor or one or more throttle bodies. The older domestic vehicles have carburetors. The newer models have throttle bodies to blend the air and fuel just like the carburetor does on older vehicles. Nowadays, the throttle body eliminates the need for a float bowl, etc. Both the […]

Electric Car Battery

Over the last decade, electric cars have gone from a minor roadway occurrence into a full-blown automotive revolution. Cars that were once considered impossibilities of science have strutted on the road, showing off their abilities and demonstrating that electric vehicles are a lucrative option for carbon-free driving. From hybrid models to entirely electric cars, gasoline […]

Metallic Brake Pads

You will find that a majority of modern vehicles have metallic brake pads, and they aren’t just large pieces of metal. These brake pads are usually made from a mixture of copper, steel, and iron. This is why they are so durable and last a long time and also why they are so commonly used […]

Driver Side Mirror

Although it may be cliché, the old saying "keep your eyes on the road" is still a very valid phrase. However, it is just as important to be aware of what is behind your vehicle as it is to keep an eye on the road ahead. Every year thousands of automobile accidents occur in which […]

Bosch Starter Motors

Automobile owners must maintain their vehicle and there are many parts that can break down leaving a motorist stranded. One part that can leave a motorist stranded is the starter motor. Starter motors are motors used to turn the engine in order to get the motor started. There are many manufacturers that build starters, and […]

A/C Accumulator

An A/C accumulator is an integral part of air-conditioning systems that are found in automobiles. The primary function of the A/C accumulator is to remove excess moisture from the air conditioning system, and also to build up and store excess refrigerant (like Freon), and help protect the compressor of the system by blocking unwanted debris. […]

Intercooler Cores

You will be able to find intercoolers in several different manufacturing styles—either in tube form or stacked plate. Choosing a core design means that you will get much more efficiency as well as a sturdier overall design so they will last longer. A tube design usually means that you will not have nearly as much […]

Bosch Spark Plugs

Whether it's your car or your lawnmower, you generally take for granted that when you start something, it's going to run properly. While it may be simple for you to start it, there are actually a lot of parts at work to make that machine start. Spark plugs are one of the parts that play […]

Fuel Pump Assembly

When most people think about fuel pumps, they think of gas stations. That is one kind of fuel pump, but not the one people usually reference when talking about cars. Not many people think about it, but a car’s gas tank is actually at the opposite end of that car from the engine. This is […]

Full Flow Oil Filters

When we drive, we move through the air at a tremendous speed. And even though our hoods are mostly closed, we catch a lot of dirt, dust and grime in the regular driving process. And while the car doesn’t catch much, and most of it dissipates, the engine does need to circulate fuels and lubricants […]

Aftermarket Radiators

Automobile engines need a variety of components and elements to function properly, the basics of which are air, gasoline, and the ability to cool themselves. An engine's cooling system is perhaps its most important component, as it is mainly responsible for allowing the engine to continue its operations after being used for more than an […]

Header Flanges

A header, also known as an exhaust manifold, serves the purpose of collecting exhaust gases from several cylinders into a single pipe within the engine compartment. An automobile header, or exhaust manifold, usually consists of a material such as stainless steel or simple cast iron. These durable materials are used to create a device that […]

Shock Absorber Bushings

All vehicles will undoubtedly experience some level of turbulence during their lifetime, which is why automobile manufacturers include shocks, suspension systems, wheels with exceptional traction, and other mechanical precautions that limit the amount of wear and tear incurred over time. One such component that is designed to absorb pressure and energy is a shock absorber, […]

Edelbrock Fuel Pump

A fuel pump is one of the most important components of an automobile's engine, as it is required to bring gas from the fuel tank to the engine compartment. There are two main types of fuel pumps – electrical fuel pumps and mechanical fuel pumps. Mechanical fuel pumps are somewhat outdated, as they are only […]

Exhaust Headers

There are a lot of little known ways to enhance a vehicle’s performance, and exhaust headers are one of the more effective ways to do it. Installing exhaust headers into an engine can be fairly expensive, but no more than most other car modifications. If you’re trying to equip your car for high performance driving […]

LED Fog Lights for Trucks

Driving in the fog can be extremely dangerous, especially if you're driving an SUV or truck, as these vehicles have a higher tendency to flip over, and being larger they are more difficult to regain control of, particularly when visibility is low. Standard headlights do not provide enough illumination, or the right type of light […]

Ambient Temperature Sensor

Ambient temperature refers to the temperature in a room or that which surrounds a particular object. For instance, ambient temperature involving your car or truck would be the temperature that is found on the outside of the vehicle. Ambient temperature has an important part in your own personal comfort when driving or riding in a […]

Pillar Cover

Car owners often look for aftermarket car parts that can improve the overall appearance of their vehicle. Interior and exterior modifications can make anyone proud of their car, truck or SUV. A pillar cover is a popular aftermarket car part that covers the pillar on the sides of the windows and windshield. This area of […]

Lexus Parts

Lexus owners will certainly want to know where to get the best quality parts they require and for a reasonable price, especially if you are looking for something in particular and are on a budget. It is important to be ever-vigilant when it comes to seeing good deals on these parts. This particular car company […]

Side Mirror

Everybody who’s ever driven a car knows how useful a side mirror is. And if you’ve ever driven a bigger vehicle, like a moving truck or van, you know that they can literally be lifesavers. They’re mandated by laws in many countries to be included on vehicles, but even if that wasn’t the case, they’d […]

Heavy Duty Truck Parts

If you are currently looking for heavy duty truck parts, you will need to expand your search as much as possible to include all different kinds of auto supply stores and websites. Whether you are trying to find a whole new suspension or something as small as a fuel pump, it will be important to […]

Expansion Tank

An expansion tank is found under the hood of your vehicle and is used to retain the coolant that is forced out of your radiator by pressure caused from running your car’s engine. A vehicle’s temperature rises as the engine runs. When that pressure builds to a specific point, the radiator cap will force the […]

Taillight Lenses

A vehicle’s tail light can be found at the rear of the vehicle. The taillight typically includes the turn signal, backup lights and brake light. Most tail lights include the tail light itself as well as a bulb, reflector and lens. A tail light may be amber or red and the main difference in tail […]

Custom Fuel Tanks

If you are in need of a custom fuel tank there are quite a few things that you will need to take into consideration, including the size and shape you need. Those who are looking for a custom tank for their boat will need to think about all of the different options available, including rectangular […]

AFE Cold Air Intake

Advanced Flow Engineering or simply AFE is just one of the many companies that manufactures cold air intakes as well as intake manifolds, air filters, intercoolers, and exhaust systems as well as throttle body spacers. In the event that you are in need of a new cold air intake system, it will be important to […]

Vacuum Actuator

Most people do not realize that the cruise control feature which is so prominent in modern cars and those which were manufactured since the late 90s is possible at least in part because of the vacuum actuator. This is essentially a mechanical device which has been designed to covert electric signals into an actual physical […]

Diesel Fuel Filters

Whether you drive a vehicle powered by diesel or by gasoline there comes a time in which you should replace your fuel filter. Most people hear about changing the oil filter but probably do not hear about the fuel filter as often. This is because the oil filters are usually replaced every time you change […]

Modulator Valve

When it comes to ensuring the performance and long-lasting life of a vehicle, the main focuses of any vehicle owner or mechanic should be the engine, drivetrain, and transmission. Each of these crucial vehicle parts contain various components within them that contribute to the overall functioning of the automobile. An important part of the transmission […]

Ford Escort Parts

A very popular vehicle over a number of years was the Ford Escort. These cars do very well at resale because of their economical size, relatively inexpensive sticker price, and the availability of parts. They also seem to be built fairly well and can have a long life on the road. When looking for Ford […]

Roof Wing

When you are going about buying a roof wing for your car, you will need to make sure you get one that will look good and add more of an aerodynamic design to your vehicle. There are certainly plenty of different choices out there to look at and you will want to take your time […]

Pop-Up Sunroof

If you are looking to get more sunlight in your life while you're driving, a pop-up sunroof may be the modification needed for your vehicle. This customization will allow more sunlight to enter the cabin of your vehicle, giving you a more outdoor feeling while you drive. If your vehicle already has a sunroof but […]

Organic Brake Pads

Organic brake pads were first recognized in the seventies where they had a short stint of popularity. It was not long until they were filtered out as they were low quality, performed poorly, and had numerous health risks associated with the material used for the brake pads. While brake pads are necessary, organic brake pads […]

Reusable Air Filters

Going green is a funny trend, and one that is politicized far too often. It’s also a trend that has caught on pretty well in the car market. That’s because cars use up an incredible share of our income, and using energy efficiently is a great way to limit some of the damage that cars […]

Car Sun Visors

There are many reasons to get a sun visor for a vehicle, both functional and aesthetic. They can range in price from a small amount all the way up to hundreds of dollars and beyond. Sun visors serve both the purpose of being able to add an aesthetic look to your car interior and the […]

BMW Aftermarket Parts

BMWs have long been known for their supreme reliability and top-notch engine performance. State-of-the-art engineering combined with German mechanics and materials have created several quality automobile brands such as BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Unfortunately, many foreign automobiles are expensive to repair and modify, because most of the parts needed to do so must be purchased straight […]

Predator Carburetors

It is important to consider Predator carburetors if you are looking for this specific part; they are known for their high quality variable design which it allows to operate solely off air from the engine and it is able to meter fuel in such a way as to meet all of your demands as a […]

Bosch Fuel Injectors

With the rising price of gas it is extremely important to save as much money as possible when it comes to fueling your vehicle. By looking into getting a Bosch fuel injector you will be able to keep your car or truck running efficiently so you will get as much out of the money you […]

Car Hood Vents

While there are certainly many different modifications you can have done to your car, a hood vent or “scoop” is one of the most common. These serve not only an aesthetic purpose but also a practical one as well. Most of the time internal combustion engines take in air which is ventilated by rubber or […]

Billet Grilles

The modification of vehicles is nothing new and the aftermarket parts industry isn’t going away anytime soon. The most popular type of aftermarket parts that make cars and trucks look more attractive are body parts. Sporty looking body parts are manufactured for many different makes and models of cars and trucks. Out of these body […]

Walbro Fuel Pumps

When you are going about purchasing a fuel pump you will absolutely need to make sure that the one you choose the right one, because the manufacturer does make a difference in the overall quality of the part. Walbro is a name that has been around for a while so you know that you will […]

Ford Truck Parts

Even though most Ford trucks are built with the highest quality standards in mind, sometimes if you own one for long enough it will need some sort of repair. It is important to know where you will be able to buy your replacement parts from when you need to, because you will obviously want to […]

Custom Truck Tailgate

Those who are interested in getting a custom tailgate for their truck will want to think about all of the different design ideas there are available. Quite a few people who run their own businesses put the name and contact information for their company on the back of their truck, so that is certainly one […]

Electric Spoiler Sunroof

An electric spoiler sunroof is a perfect idea for those who want to cruise down the street in style, but there are certain vehicles which are better suited for one of these than others. It is important to keep in mind some of the most important things when you are looking to get one of […]

Thermo Fan Switch

When you are going about looking for a new thermo fan switch for your vehicle, it will be important to keep in mind a few things which will have a significant impact on how good of a deal you get overall. Of course you will need to ensure that the switch you purchase is compatible […]

Honda Accord Headlights

Honda Accord owners are very passionate about their car. The reason that owners of this car love it so much is because it's such a dependable vehicle. You can drive this car year after year and be confident that it's going to continue performing well. If you own a Honda Accord, you know quite well […]

ATV Starters

Owning an ATV is a lot of fun. An ATV is the perfect way to get out and have hours of fun on a nice weekend day. Because of their size, it's easy to take your ATV wherever you want to ride. While it's easy to ride your ATV by yourself, these vehicles are large […]

Cylinder Head Gasket

Although driving may seem easy, there is a lot going on inside of your car to make everything run smoothly. One of the most important components of your car is the engine. If things go wrong with the engine, you are going to have major problems. Not only is your car going to require quite […]

4-Seasons Heater Valves

When driving your vehicle, it is important that you are in total control. There are many switches, levers and knobs that make up the various systems and components of your car. When these components are working and functioning properly you can enjoy their uses. The heater function is one of these systems that we definitely […]

Oil Pressure Sensor

Any vehicle that has problems with oil levels or pressures but the oil levels are fine and the pressure is not really exceeding a certain level may have a problem with the oil pressure sensor. The oil pressure sensor is a device that takes information from the vehicle and processes it into the dashboard as […]

Off Road Snorkels

Any type of off road vehicle is prone to get wet sooner or later, especially if you're driving off road in muddy or wet terrain. If you do this on a regular basis however, you risk damaging your engine by hydro-locking it. In order to keep the water out of your engine, and ensure the […]

Iridium Spark Plugs

Most modern automobile engines rely upon the concept of combustion to turn air, gasoline, and electricity into kinetic energy that can be used by the vehicle on an on-demand basis. At the beginning of the combustion cycle are the spark plugs, which facilitate the creation of a spark using anywhere from 40,000 to 110,000 volts […]

Aftermarket Cruise Control

Cruise control is one of the those features that no car owner places in particular importance but for the few times they decide to make long distance trips with their personal automobile. It is then that, having pressed down the gas pedal for several hundred miles and many hours, cruise control becomes a new automotive […]

Sealed Power Pistons

The Sealed Power brand manufactures high quality replacement pistons for use in a motor. Rebuilding a motor which has had damage due to overheating, or simply over worn pistons can have replacement pistons put in to improve the functionality of the motor, improve mileage and much, much more. Benefits seem to be endless by using […]

AGM Batteries

If you need a battery for something large like a vehicle, the amount of options available can make choosing the right one a challenging task. Although you want to be informed about what battery will perform best, it seems like the more you read about different types of batteries, the more confusing your decision becomes. […]

Mercedes Fuel Pumps

There's nothing quite like owning and driving a Mercedes. Mercedes is one of the few car brands that is respected across the entire globe. Countless people wish that they could drive a Mercedes. If you are fortunate enough to own this type of car, you are obviously proud whenever you get in it and drive […]

Wiper Delay Switch

Windshield wipers are primarily designed to keep water, sleet, snow, and even hail from obstructing the view of the driver by clearing the windshield with repetitive wiping actions. Most vehicles have multiple settings that can easily be adjusted to control the speed and functionality of the windshield wipers. During heavy rain or snow, a driver […]

Rear End Gears

Rear end gears have more to do with the performance, speed, and efficiency of an individual automobile than does most every other piece in a car’s drivetrain. The rear end gear, more specifically the rear end gear ratio, determines how much of the engines torque is delivered to the wheels, and the potential top speed […]

Center Muffler

For those of the caliber of middle age gentry and upwards, living in urban metropolises, it is quite generally known how much the strain is on the nerves when a car zooms by with a deafening roar that crashes through the moment overpowering everything in vicinity. Well, the reason this happens is because some teens […]

Auto Door Glass

There is quite a bit of glass in a vehicle when you sit down and really think about it. Everyone has probably dropped a drinking cup made of glass and seen it shatter at some point in their lifetime. If not, they have probably seen someone else drop one. The glass shatters quite easily and […]

Transmission Range Sensor

The transmission range sensor is a special sensor in your vehicle that will detect the different shifting positions of the gears to ensure that you are driving with the appropriate gear setting. It is important that this part is in complete working order or your vehicle may be subject to jerky movements and possible stalls […]

Toyota Oxygen Sensors

The Toyota oxygen sensor is a very important part of every Toyota vehicle and plenty of these vehicles will in time have problems that center around the oxygen sensor. Many older Toyota vehicles will seem to lose their ability to run as smoothly and first instinct for most motorists and even seasoned mechanics is that […]

Remote Start Modules

As the automobile industry continues to shift focus towards convenience, luxury, and mechanical automation, remote start modules are becoming increasingly popular in new vehicle models. A remote start module allows you to start your vehicle with a single push of a button, rather than having to get in and turn the key. In years past, […]

E3 Spark Plugs

A spark plug is a crucial component of any engine, whether it is in a car, truck, or motorcycle. Unfortunately, during the past century there weren't many advances in spark plug technology. That is until E3 Spark plugs introduced DiamondFire, a proprietary technology that focuses on increasing fuel efficiency and power, while reducing engine emissions […]

BMW Z3 Spoiler

Since its introduction in 1996, the BMW Z3 has grown into a favorite of both the motoring press and the greater automotive world. The small roadster was released with a variety of power output choices and engine sizes, allowing it to serve as both a sports car and a commuter vehicle for the thousands of […]

A/C Evaporator

Vehicle air conditioners have been installed in vehicles since the 1940s. Today’s modern auto air conditioners have computerized automatic temperature controls and a whole lot of other complex technologies being used in them. In the past, any backyard mechanic could recharge the coolant without really needing to take the car into the shop to keep […]

Shock Absorber Struts

Without shock absorber struts, you would be in for a very bumpy ride. Most people do not even realize what a difference shock absorber struts make in the performance of their vehicle. For those who are unsure what they are and how they work you may be interested in finding out more about shock absorber […]

Fiberglass Hood Scoops

When it comes to changing the outside appearance of your car there are many things you can do. Although some changes are easier to make than others, adding a new hood scoop is just one of the ways to give your car a whole new look. Hood scoops give your car a powerful look. They […]

Vehicle Speed Sensor

It has happened to the great majority of us. We are cruising along, perhaps its summer and the windows are down, we are listening to our favorite song and life is good, then uh oh, blue lights. Is there anything worse than that sinking feeling you get when you realize that the police officer behind […]

Radiator Thermostat Valves

During the life of most cars, there is no reason to really think about your radiator temperature. We might wait for the thermometer to go up so that we can turn on the heat, but that’s about it. It stays at the same value whenever you’re driving, and problems with radiator temperatures are rare enough […]

Fuel Tank Door

A fuel tank door is a metal flap that is found on the quarter panel of your vehicle on either the driver’s or passenger’s side, depending on your specific car or truck. The door allows you to access the gas cap which runs directly to the fuel tank of your vehicle. When you stop to […]

Honda Accord Parts

If you have a Honda Accord, then having an idea of what the different parts are in case you need to replace them at any point is wise. There are so many places that you can buy spare parts, but knowing what they do, or even what they are is important if you don’t want […]

12V Battery Charger

A modern day 12V battery charger will keep your battery charged up in your vehicle when you're not using it is often as you normally would. You can also use a 12 will battery charger to keep battery in your boat or motorcycle batteries charged as well. Cutting edge technology has greatly improved the efficiency […]

LED Headlights

Until fairly recently, xenon headlamps were considered the brightest among all the different types of car headlights in the market. The trademark bluish-white light of xenon headlamps can cut through darkness like a knife, and they are held in extremely high regard among car enthusiasts, often being retailed at ridiculously high prices. However, things seem […]