Alternative Energy

Hybrid Electric Car

With all the recent news about “going green” many people have been advancing environmentally friendly and eco-conscious alternatives to the things that we do every day. One of the main points many environmental experts have been making is that our driving habits are rapidly causing global warming. They have suggested alternatives to our normal commutes […]

Shifter Bushing

When you drive a manual transmission vehicle you are responsible for shifting the gears to get it to move forward at the proper speed. Over time shifting gears can cause the gear shifter to become loose. When you first purchase a manual transmission vehicle you will notice that the gears are nice and tight and […]

Electric Smart Car

One of the biggest selling points of the electric smart car is the money that can be saved on fuel costs. In fact, the amount of savings that a consumer will get from this vehicle is likely to determine its fate on the market. This economical and fuel efficient car is being introduced as a […]

Toyota Hybrid Car

A lot of people who are looking to use less gasoline have decided to look at alternatives. Of these, the most popular (and most affordable) is the Toyota hybrid car, the Prius. This car can get almost fifty miles to the gallon whether on city streets or on the highway, so it decreases the amount […]

Tesla Electric Car

With the concern over the rising cost of gasoline and the nation's dependence on foreign oil, more and more people are looking for alternative means of travel in today's market. One way to accomplish this is the electric car; however, these have not been very reliable in the past and people are concerned about performance […]

Types of Alternative Fuels

With the rising cost of fuel many people are starting to question the different types of alternative fuels that are available to the public at large. Many people are surprised when they find out just how many different alternative fuels there are to choose from. You may find that some of the fuels are easier […]

Fuel Efficient Cars

Fuel efficient cars are becoming more popular every year, especially since gas prices and environmental concerns regarding traditional cars continue to increase. Fuel efficient cars have many benefits and can help improve the lives of those who use them. Understanding the benefits of fuel efficient cars can help you to make the decision to purchase […]

Electric Hybrid Cars

With fuel costs rising consistently and auto makers looking for more environmentally-friendly vehicle options, electric hybrid cars are becoming more and more popular. Electric hybrid cars combine the use of a typical vehicle propulsion system with an energy storage system that is rechargeable. The result is a vehicle that gets better mileage and is more […]

Electric Cars and How They Work

Electric cars have a lot of potential for reducing pollution and cutting costs for automobile owners, but you may be wondering about electric cars and how they work just as well as gasoline-powered cars. To understand all about electric cars and how they work you need to know the differences between an electric and gasoline-powered […]

Water for Fuel: Is It an Option?

Right now we are in the midst of an energy crisis, with rising fuel costs and a demand that is far greater than the supply. Our energy sources are expensive and are negatively impacting the health of the planet that we live on. As a result, more and more people are looking for alternative fuel […]

Solar Powered Cars How They Work

When you think of solar powered cars, how they work is probably the first question that comes to mind. Solar powered cars are actually electric cars but instead of using plug-in technology, they are powered directly by solar energy. This solar energy is harnessed by solar panels that are attached to the outer surface of […]

Fuel Cell Cars

Fuel cell cars are not widely distributed at this point, but many experts believe that fuel cell cars will change the entire transportation industry within the next few years. Fuel cell cars are slightly different from the hybrid cars and electric cars that have become more popular. Hybrid and electric cars use electric motors, but […]

How Does a Hydrogen Fuel Cell Work

With the prices of gasoline and crude oil soaring, many people are becoming more interested in alternative forms of energy and less expensive ways to power automobiles and other mechanical devices. One alternative source of power is the hydrogen fuel cell, which is an electrochemical energy conversion device. But how does a hydrogen fuel cell […]

How Do Hybrid Cars Work

Hybrid cars are a great improvement over traditional vehicles in terms of increased fuel efficiency and decreased emissions. Many auto makers are focusing on the production of hybrid cars in response to the rising costs of fuel and the demand for more environmentally-friendly vehicles. But how do hybrid cars work and why are they beneficial? […]