Oils & Fluids

Ethanol Fuel Stabilizer

Fuel stabilizer is a great way to maintain gas for long periods of time. Stabilizer can preserve gasoline up to an impressive 12 months. Motorcycle owners will use fuel stabilizer in their motorcycles when storing them for the winter. Without stabilizer gasoline would corrode and cause build up of materials that could damage the motor […]

Diesel Exhaust Fluid

Diesel exhaust fluid is an organic fuel solution that is created by combining 67.5 percent de-ionized or purified water with 32.5 percent automotive-grade urea. Urea is used to carry the ammonia that is needed in order to reduce nitrogen oxide emissions into water, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. This fluid is used in EPA vehicles from […]

Transmission Lubricant

Transmission lubricant is very important when it comes to maintaining and keeping any engine, big or small, running properly. Driving the car without transmission fluid can damage the vehicle's transmission to the point where the vehicle will no longer move forward or backwards. It's a great idea to check your transmission fluid each and every […]

Gear Lubricant

Of all your automotive fluids, gear lubricant routinely takes the most abuse. Luckily, gear lubricant is a very thick, very strong, and very effective lubricant that is used to maintain everything from your transmission to your rear-end differential. As one can imagine, choosing the right gear lubricant for these automotive parts is very important as […]

Types of Motor Oil

Although a majority of people know that they need to get their oil changed regularly, not as many realize that there are multiple types of motor oil to choose from. Before letting an oil change place make the decision for you, it will be important to take the time to think about which type you […]

Car Engine Coolant

Car engine coolant is essential for the proper operation of every internal combustion engine. Hundreds of small explosions are created every second inside the cylinders as the spark plugs ignite the fuel and air mixture. The tremendous amount of heat generated needs to be removed to protect the other engine parts from being damaged by […]

Mobil Gear Oil

Most people look after their vehicles and will want to ensure that the gears inside their vehicles are properly lubricated and in proper working order. Most people will use a generic brand of oil to do so but generic brands offer less for your money, especially if you want high performance out of the oil […]

Synthetic Lubricants

Synthetic lubricants are oils made up mostly, or even entirely, from chemical compounds, instead of naturally occurring ones. In cars, they’re used in exactly the same way as oil is, that is, to lubricate your engine. There are a bevy of advantages and disadvantages to synthetic lubricants over natural oils, but in general, synthetics are […]

Synthetic Gear Oil

Providing our vehicles with the proper fluids and lubricants is vital in keeping the vehicle running smoothly and for many years to come. There are so many fluids required such as windshield wiper fluid, break fluids, motor oil, antifreeze and gear lubricants and they all are necessary and serve a different purpose. Gear oil is […]

Synthetic Brake Fluid

In order to understand synthetic brake fluid, it’s important to know how brakes work, what brake fluid does, and what makes synthetic brake fluid stand out. Brake fluid, as we all know, plays an integral part in the breaking process, but few people know exactly how it works or how the overall process of braking […]

Viscosity Index Improver

Providing your vehicles with the best possible engine oil is important for long lasting engine performance. Understanding what type of oil is best for our vehicles may be a little more difficult. Following your car manual will give you the best idea of what type of motor oil to use in your car’s engine, however […]

Antifreeze Coolant

All vehicles need several different fluids to keep them running. With so many car parts and fluids to maintain, it may become overwhelming trying to keep track of what your car needs. One of the most common fluids that you may be familiar with is antifreeze. Antifreeze is also known as coolant or even antifreeze […]

Automotive Lubricants

There are many aspects to consider when taking care of your vehicle. When it comes to maintaining your vehicle there are so many parts to make sure are working properly and running smoothly. There are brakes, tires, the engine, fuses, all the way down to the wiper blades to think about. There are also automotive […]

Synthetic Diesel Oil

When it comes to synthetic diesel oil, there are a lot of misconceptions floating around. While lots of people have opinions and thoughts about synthetic diesel oil, this doesn't mean that what they are saying is actually true or accurate. As a result, it's easy to see why there are so many things said about […]

Honda ATF Fluid

Maintaining your automatic transmission is as simple as making sure you have enough fluid in your vehicle and that it is regularly changed to avoid fluid breakdown. Your transmission should be a part of your overall vehicle maintenance and will help avoid the costly repairs that come with a transmission failure. Most of the work […]

Transfer Case Oil

Owners of four wheel drive vehicles will have another maintenance routine to add to their oil changes and tune ups and this is checking the transfer case oil. The transfer case on a four wheel drive vehicle provides the lubrication for the four wheel drive function on the vehicle. The fluid will only have to […]

Manual Transmission Fluid

All of the fluids contained in your vehicle are important, but one of the most costly mistakes that a car owner can make is not keeping track of their manual transmission fluid. The transmission in your vehicle can be damaged if there is not enough fluid in the car and if you have ever priced […]

Brake Fluid

When it is time to check all the fluids in your vehicle during your routine maintenance, the brake fluid should be on top of your list. It is a simple process to check your brake fluid and it should only take you a few minutes. You should also make sure that you fill any fluid […]

Diesel Engine Oil

If you have a diesel engine car you should know that you cannot use the same oil as gasoline engines use. Just like the fuel that you buy for your car, there are differences in the oil that your vehicle needs to run at its very best. It's important that you know what to buy […]

What is Synthetic Motor Oil

When you go to the auto store or you have your oil changed you may see or be told that synthetic motor oil is being used. Do you know what synthetic motor oil is? Do you know what the advantages or disadvantages are with using this type of oil? A lot of people use this […]