Performance Products

High Performance Fuel Pumps

In almost every automobile the fuel tank is located on the other side of the vehicle from the engine, so a fuel pump must be used to pump gasoline towards the engine. Modern-day fuel pumps (electric fuel pumps) are used in cars that have electronic fuel injection capabilities, while older fuel pumps (mechanical fuel pumps) […]

Performance Motor Mounts

Think if your job were to hold in place a several hundred ton piece of metal. Now consider that this hunk of metal had inside of it routine explosions, and that the metal would often travel at nearly one hundred miles per hour. You have just imagined the job of a performance motor mount. The […]

Cowl Induction Hoods

If you would like to optimize the performance of your vehicle horsepower and speed, improving airflow to the engine is an excellent way to do so. Since the engine lies directly under the hood, making modifications to the hood and the air intake are the first steps in maximizing airflow and increasing horsepower. Cowl induction […]

Distributor Conversion Kit

The distributor is perhaps one of the most important components of a vehicle's ignition system, as it is responsible for routing high-voltage electricity out of the ignition coil and towards the spark plugs. A distributor consists of various individual components that work in synchronicity with each other to facilitate an expeditious and powerful transfer of […]

Turbo Wastegate

Turbochargers use what are called “wastegates” which can be either internal or external. These control the exhaust gas so that the turbocharger is able to keep up a certain level of boost pressure which is important for overall performance. Internal wastegates have turbine housing with a flapper which is built-in and opens/closes because of an […]

Offroad Coilover Shocks

Having an off road vehicle means that you are ready for adventure and ready to experience the rugged life. If you have a vehicle that will be traveling off road in bumpy conditions then you will need to prepare your vehicle with the best shocks available. You may have a vehicle that only goes off […]

Oil Catch Tank

Those who have turbocharged engines know how much of a negative impact blow-by can make. Even though it is a perfectly normal part of this process, if it is not properly channeled outside of the engine it can start to build up over time and jam up the valve train as well as the plumping […]

Carbon Fiber Splitters

Those who buy an aftermarket body kit for their vehicle in order to enhance the overall performance and look of it will need to consider carbon fiber splitters which are an important part of these kits. Essentially they allow you to drive your vehicle at faster speeds without having to worry about losing control, which […]

Dual Exhaust Kits

There may seem to be no significant benefits of owning a dual exhaust with your vehicle. The dual exhaust system may be visually pleasant but it does not offer much else. There are advantages and disadvantages to this type of exhaust system. As well, there are many other types of exhaust systems which have been […]

Off-Road Power Steering Pumps

If you are adventurous and enjoy trying new things, off-roading may be one of your interests. While this activity can be quite challenging at times, it's the challenging nature of off-roading that makes it so much fun. When you're out off-roading, you don't have to worry about the stress of your job or other responsibilities. […]

Steering Stabilizers

A steering stabilizer functions in similar way as a shock absorber in that it controls any unwanted movement from the steering mechanism on certain on road and off road vehicles. A steering stabilizer is most often used in high performance and or custom applications. They can be a standard factory item on certain high performance […]

Nitrous Oxide Systems

Nitrous oxide systems have become very popular in the last decade. Thanks to their prominent role in popular racing movies like “Fast and Furious,” nitrous oxide, or NOS for short, has become the closest thing to an aftermarket performance product with a household name. Nitrous oxide systems are what we call any system that is […]

Audi Performance Parts

Audi owners will certainly want to take into account the various performance parts which can be installed; they offer enhanced speed, power, and overall performance for those who are tired of their somewhat sluggish vehicles. Once you start looking through all of the different parts that are available for these cars, you will begin to […]

Paddle Shifters

Paddle shifters are sometimes seen in cars with a semi-automatic transmission which is able to change gears semi-automatically, allowing the driver to do the rest of the work with the levers which are located on either side of the steering wheel. Since street racing has become so popular with certain make and model cars, these […]

Performance Shock Absorbers

Some of the most important things that vehicles need are shock absorbing tools to ensure that the vehicle has the ability to have a smoother ride. Not only are shock absorbers recommended, but they may save the vehicle in the event that a particularly bumpy road or terrain is ahead and the driver is going […]

StopTech Brakes

Whether you consider yourself to be a serious car enthusiast or you simply like having a car that performs well, you know that brakes are an important part of any car. People who are inexperienced with cars think that the only thing that matters when it comes to performance is what's under a car's hood. […]

Mustang Supercharger

Although the Mustang is by no means the most expensive sports car in the world, it is one of the best known and most respected. The reason this sports car has stood the test of time is because of its long legacy of performance and innovation. People can't help but look when they see a […]

Holley Carburetors

In 1896, Bradford, Pennsylvania was like any other small town with one major exception - it was home to the Holley brothers, George and Earl. Together they started a business to produce a small single cylinder three-wheeler they named the 'Runabout'. Given that this was the dawn of the motor age, the 'Runabout' was no […]

Electric Supercharger

How many of you gearheads out there have heard that claim before? An electric supercharger sounds like a good idea; I mean what respectable speed demon doesn’t get giddy at the thought of supercharged power? Unfortunately, it seems there are differing opinions as to whether or not an electric supercharger is a gimmick used in […]

Crank Trigger Kits

Ever since the massive onset of street cars, enthusiasts continually looked for ways to modify a car to make it go faster and perform better on the streets. Some were more concerned about visual appearance, and simply focused on the outlook. Others, especially tech savvy petrol-heads focused under the hood for the sheer pleasure of […]

Slotted Rotors

There has been quite a lot of debate of whether slotted rotors are really superior to drilled rotors. If you want to compare the two then you will first need to know what slotted rotors are and how they work. A slotted brake rotor is designed with slots in the surface. This allows water, gas, […]

Twin Turbo Kits

If you really want to take your car to the next level, improve the power, performance and speed, consider the addition of twin turbo kits to your car’s engine. Twin Turbo kits are designed to increase your engine power by double the amount. These twin turbo kits offer turbo chargers that are compact and can […]

Heavy Duty Clutch

Anyone driving a vehicle with a manual transmission will need to know the important of the clutch. Even a few people that drive vehicles with automatic transmissions will have clutches and need this information. As well, clutches are found in many other devices such as cordless drills, chainsaws, and mini bikes. What is a Clutch? […]

Vehicle Battery Booster

Getting a boost from someone on a regular basis may become a hassle. Instead of having to worry about who can provide you with a battery boost, why not just invest in a vehicle battery booster? This also removes the need to carry around large boosting cables in most circumstances. There are many different battery […]

Power Brake Boosters

Virtually every modern car uses power (or hydraulic) brakes, but not many people actually know what that term means, or what power brake boosters are. Before power brakes, older cars used drum brakes, which work similarly, but did not require a booster because of their design. Drum brakes are still used, but mainly for back […]

6.5 Turbo Diesel Performance Parts

When it comes to buying parts for a 6.5 turbo diesel car, there are many options available. The price for different parts will vary greatly, because there are some that are a lot more advanced than others, and some are very basic because they do less. For the more advanced parts, you could expect to […]

Banshee Clutch

The Yamaha Banshee is a 4 wheel drive all terrain vehicle or ATV for short. It is very popular and not only fast and fun, but is also very cool-looking and reliable. Many avid outdoor recreational fans love ATVs. These fun vehicles also can be classified as Off Highway Vehicles (OHV) or Off Road Vehicles […]

Diesel Turbocharger

Several different applications for the turbocharger have been used since its invention in the early 1900's. The advent of diesel turbochargers in automobiles was not in motion until the late 1930's and then it wasn't until the early 1960's until the late 1970's that turbochargers were really placed into nearly every diesel powered automobile. Ever […]

Gas Tank Sealer

In simple words, a gas tank sealer is a chemical used in fuel tanks that prevents rusting of iron or the corrosion of other metals. Gas tank sealers are widely popular for both professional and nonprofessional purposes. Gas tank sealers are, at times, used in combination with other chemical products which come with the brand […]

Diesel Fuel Saver

The diesel fuel saver is an injection system designed for owners of turbo diesel-powered vehicles who are looking for higher mileage as well as greater horsepower. For many years now, untested and unproven fuel-saving items have come up in the market, but none of them have ever delivered what they promised to deliver. Because of […]

Off Road Shocks

Every vehicle needs shocks in order to prevent the car from bouncing all over the place when driven over a bump on the road. There are many different types of shocks for your vehicle but the type you choose should be based on the type of vehicle you drive and what type of driving conditions […]

Autometer Boost Gauge

For cars that have been turbocharged, an autometer boost gauge is a great addition to add to your vehicle in order to relay important information regarding the amount of boost pressure that the car has. An excessive amount of boost pressure can cause serious damage to the engine so the driver of the vehicle must […]

Turbo Intercooler

One option to obtaining reliable increased horsepower to your engine is that of installing a turbocharger. This is a gas driven exhaust turbine that many people put on their vehicle engines nowadays. It compresses air and increases it density to the engine. The denser air you have flowing through the engine, the more fuel atoms […]

Shock Relocation Kit

Every car is equipped with shocks to absorb the energy or “shock” from going over a bump. Without shocks we would be bouncing all over the place in our vehicles and this would not allow for a very comfortable ride. There are many different types of shocks that are used on vehicles and depending on […]

High Amp Alternators

Everybody knows the importance of a car battery, but what’s less thought about is that the battery is not actually responsible for the car’s electrical system when it’s on – only when the car is off does battery power come in. When the car is on, the alternator fuels all of the car’s electrical applications. […]

Exhaust Resonator

For a few years during the 1990’s and early 2000’s, it became a trend among teenagers and some auto buffs to remove their vehicle’s muffler and ride while making a great deal of noise. Do you remember hearing very loud cars zooming around parking lots, parks, clubs and other teenage hangouts? Then you remember the […]

Universal Fiberglass Hood Scoops

People like fast-looking cars. It’s just a fact of life, and it’s one that hasn’t changed at all in the last century. And one of the best ways to make your car look fast is a hood scoop. For those who don’t know exactly what a hood scoop is, it’s an elevated air vent on […]

Nitrous Oxide Kits

Nitrous oxide kits for cars are probably most famous for their role in Fast and Furious. Called “NOS,” shorthand for a company called Nitrous Oxide Systems,” nitrous oxide became known giving a speed boost to cars, even to those who had no real interest in the topic. It’s ironic, because nitrous oxide is a product […]

Metal Master Brake Pads

Your car’s braking system is very complicated, and involves at least four or five separate systems between you pressing the brake pedal and the brakes being applied. All of those systems, from the brake booster to the master cylinder, are immensely important, and problems with any of them will dramatically affect your car’s performance. But […]

Air Lift Kits

Having durable suspension on your car is the key to improving your car’s ride. If you have ever been in a car that has bad suspension then you know how uncomfortable the car ride can be. Not only does it ensure a smooth ride over bumps and hills but it also helps your car carry […]

Yamaha Banshee Exhaust

If you're looking for a do-it-yourself project and are big on nostalgia, the Banshee exhaust system may be for you. The Yamaha Banshee, a popular ATV, has received an upgrade because of the Banshee exhaust system, which includes anodized mufflers and black end caps. The system of mufflers, midpipes and two chrome-plated expansion chambers gives […]

Off Road Coilover

Offroad Coilovers are shock absorbers with one or multiple coil springs wrapped around the shock so that it supports the weight of the vehicle and dampens the suspension to help control the spring. It is made up of a shock absorber with a coil spring encircling it. The shock absorber and coil spring are assembled […]

Off Road Shock Absorber

Those people who enjoy tinkering around with vehicles will probably already know what shock absorbers do; however, if you are not that familiar with cars you may be wondering how these mechanisms function. In fact, the shock absorbers are designed to do exactly as their name implies, absorb the bumps and shock in the road […]

Performance Mufflers

Even if you are not someone who constantly upgrades or tinkers with their vehicle, chances are that you have probably thought about using performance mufflers on your automobile. This is because the performance mufflers can add a look of beauty to your vehicle while at the same time reducing the overall motor performance of the […]

High Performance Brake Pads

There are a number of different brake pads out there, but they are not all the same. Many people want to purchase high performance brake pads to help their vehicles slow down or stop better. However, not everyone has the same idea as to what a high performance brake pad should be. For some, it […]

Heavy Duty Radiator

A radiator in an automobile is something that is used to help cool the internal combustion engine which operates the vehicle. It works because there are tubes that run through the engine block that contain coolant. As the coolant runs through the engine it absorbs the heat, then it is cycled back to the radiator […]

High Capacity AGM Battery

There are several different types of battery available that use different methods of powering a vehicle. One of the most important types of batteries used in electric vehicles are absorbed glass mat batteries. These batteries are specially designed to charge and discharge rapidly so when they are used by electric vehicles, they do not have […]

Diesel Fuel Water Separator

All vehicles require fuel to drive. Some require gasoline while others run off of diesel fuel. You may be wondering what the differences are between gasoline powered vehicles versus those that use diesel fuel. Maybe you have heard of a diesel fuel water separator and are curious about what that is and what purpose it […]

High Flow Fuel Injectors

For those who enjoy upgrading vehicles into high performance or race vehicles there several things you can do to make your car faster, stronger and sleeker. Once you start upgrading your car however you may come to realize that your car is unable to receive enough fuel for the amount of power it is being […]

Digital Gauge Cluster

The digital gauge cluster refers to a digital dashboard which includes a variety of gauges that provide information on how your vehicle is performing. Not all vehicles are designed with digital gauge clusters, but it's definitely an option. There are some advantages to investing in a digital gauge cluster, but there are also some disadvantages […]

Throttle Body Spacer

Throttle body spacers have been used in racing for a very long time now. They increase the plenum volume and power of the intake manifold. They are used to increase performance while increasing horsepower as well as fuel economy by atomizing the fuel during the incoming air charge tumble. This then allows the performance of […]

Magnetic Fuel Savers

There are many methods that have been developed to reduce usage of fuel and improve fuel economy. These devices are designed to create several different benefits to improve the fuel economy and one of these devices is the magnetic fuel saver. These devices work by aligning the ions in the fuel when it is transferred […]

Engine Conversion Kits

Engine conversion kits are an important part of any true engine enthusiast's kit. Allowing you to easily convert your cars engine to a more powerful, modern, or maintenance simple engine, an engine conversion kit is a necessity for many engine swaps. Whether you're in the process of building a project car, replacing the engine in […]

Engine Torque Damper

Cars are an integral part of the American lifestyle. For many of us, they are integral because of what they can do for us – they get us from point A to point B, they save us time, and they allow us the freedom to travel anywhere our hearts desire and our gas money allows. […]

Centerforce Clutch

With nine patents under their wing, Centerforce has a reputation for their clutches to be high-tech and fancy. While some think they are overrated, other think they are definitely worth all of the hype. The Centerforce clutches have been around for more than 25 years. The company credits its longstanding history of solid products to […]

Boost Controller

If you are really into high performance vehicles and thinking of having your car engine turbocharged, you are going to want to make sure you have the proper boost controller installed correctly so that you do not end up blowing up your engine. A boost controller regulates the air pressure that is delivered to the […]

Front Mount Intercooler

A front mount intercooler cools the air that is heated up when it is compressed by a turbo charger. It operates a lot like the radiator in your car. The difference is that a radiator cools the coolant or liquid as it passes through the radiator. Whereas a front mount intercooler cools air intake. You […]

Supercharger Kits

Superchargers are part of the exhaust system that compress air into the cylinders. By injecting more oxygen into the system, the car burns more fuel, becoming more efficient and having more power. There are various types of superchargers, including roots type superchargers, centrifugal superchargers and twin screw superchargers. Superchargers offer drivers the ability of boosting […]

Performance Clutch Kits

Improving the performance of a car is not just a matter of upgrading the engine and wheels. Other components also need to be upgraded if they are to handle the new conditions. This especially applies to the stock brakes and clutch which suffer more from overheating and excessive wearing. A performance clutch kit, often called […]

Magnaflow Performance Exhaust

Equipping a vehicle with high performance parts is something that many people choose to do. The aftercare market of high quality parts has blossomed in recent years as more people are choosing to include these parts on their vehicles for increased performance, looks as well as just plain fun. The Magnaflow performance exhaust is a […]

Power Brake Booster

A power brake booster will increase the performance of the breaks on your vehicle, thereby making it much safer and easier to stop. It will give superior braking performance by boosting the pressure as you step on the brake pedal. A power brake booster also will allow for much less foot pressure to be applied […]

High Output Alternator

An alternator in an automobile is really an electrical generator that produces an alternating current to power the electrical system in the vehicle when the engine is running. It will also charge the battery on the vehicle. The electrical current that an alternator generates is used for the lights, fan, ignition, radio, etc. A high […]


If you want to increase the horsepower and torque of your engine you should add a turbo charger to it so that it will have more horsepower. A turbocharger is a gas driven exhaust turbine that compresses air as it is taken into the engine. When the air is compressed, its density is increased and […]

Boost Gauge

For many people, automobiles are simply a way to get from point A to point B. They need them for work, shopping, going out and visiting friends. These people generally maintain safe speeds, wash the car periodically, and of course, make sure to get routine maintenance like oil changes and other preventative care. For other […]

Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

People who own high performance cars will often seek out aftermarket accessories for their vehicle to enhance the appearance or the performance of it. One of the most popular aftermarket items to add to your car is an exhaust system. The Flowmaster exhaust system is one of the most commonly used on high performance vehicles […]

Antifreeze/Water Remover

In cold weather, your vehicle can face a number of problems when it comes to starting properly. One of the problems that can occur is water build up in your fuel lines which will cause the lines to freeze and prevent the engine from starting properly. An antifreeze/water remover product will help you to dry […]

Fuel Stabilizer

There are a number of products that can be called a fuel stabilizer. One of the most common that has made a big splash on the market is the fuel stabilizer device that is installed in the fuel line of the vehicle. These devices were touted as giving you better fuel economy as well as […]

Diesel Fuel Additives

There are a variety of reasons for using diesel fuel additives as well as a number of different types of these. Some of the additives that are on the market are designed to prevent the corrosion from impurities that are the output from diesel engines. Others are used to help prevent the fuel from becoming […]

Transmission Oil Cooler

Transmissions can generate a great deal of heat when they are being used under normal conditions. They will also generate even more heat when they are used under extreme conditions such as towing or stop and go traffic. As the transmission goes through its gears, the fluid that it is using to lubricate is constantly […]

Octane Booster

Everyone sees the octane numbers on the fuel that they put in their tank every time they fill up, but those numbers really don't mean much to many of us. It is important to find the right octane fuel to add to your car that will help it to run in the best possible way. […]

Car Air Filter

A car air filter is a device that purifies the air that enters into the combustion engine of the car. It removes the pollutants from the air such as dirt particles, pollens grain, mold and other such substances and makes the air free from particulate impurities. If these particulate impurities are allowed to remain in […]

Fuel Injector Cleaner

If you go to just about any auto supply store you will see fuel injector cleaner. There are many different brands to choose from, with most of them being made up of just about the same ingredients. The cleaner that is sold in the auto supply store is meant to be a quick and simple […]