Ceramic Auto Heater

People who live in cold climates sometimes find that they need an auxiliary heating device to warm up their car and to help keep their windows and windshields clear in the winter months. A ceramic auto heater can fill the need for extra heating for your car. You no longer have to sit in a cold car during the cold winter months while it warms up. Some areas are so cold that the average car heater is just not enough to keep you warm if you are susceptible to the cold.

An auxiliary ceramic auto heater can provide instant heat for cars, boats, motor homes and trailers and campers. All you need is access to a 12v battery to operate them. If you buy a ceramic auto heater you will find that they are very easy to use. To install one, all you usually have to do is plug it into your car's cigarette lighter socket. They have automatic temperature controls and easy to use brackets to mount them safely in your vehicle. Some are made to swivel so you can direct the heat in whatever direction you choose.

You can instantly defrost your rear windshield with a ceramic auto heater. They usually provide 150 watts to 200 watts of warming power. Most ceramic auto heaters are compact and can be mounted and fit on top of your cars dashboard or on the floor mats to warm passenger's feet.

If you work in an area in the winter time and get off work only to find that you have to sit in your cold car, waiting for your window to defrost, a ceramic auto heater will solve that problem. They are ideal for kit cars or cars that have heaters that are broken or that work inefficiently. An auxiliary ceramic car heater is an inexpensive solution to your auto heating needs. They actually cost very little to purchase and operate.

You can find ceramic heaters your auto parts stores or any websites online. You can also find discounted ceramic auto heaters on eBay and other auction sites. Certain brands use the ultra-efficient 200W PTC ceramic technology to produce heat and all you need is a car cigarette lighter than can support it. If you are not sure if the lighter in your car can support it, check with your owner's manual that came with the car. Another way to tell if your lighter will support a 200W ceramic auto heater is by checking your fuse box. If the fuse going to your cigarette lighter is one that is 17A or above, then it will be able to support the heater. If your car's cigarette lighter will not support it, you will have to connect the car ceramic heater directly to your 12 volt batter.

Do confuse a ceramic auto heater with a ceramic house heater. They are not the same thing. A house heater is much more powerful and puts out a lot more heat than a ceramic auto heater. Many times people are disappointed when they purchase a ceramic auto heater thinking they will work as well as a house heater, only to find out there is no comparison. Compared to a house heater, a ceramic auto heater will seem like it is hardly putting out any heat at all. When using a ceramic auto heater you will only be able to feel warm air being blown out if you hold your hand or foot close to the device. After about 20 minutes of operation however, the interior of your car will be heated quite nicely. Most of the time, it will only take about 5 minutes to defrost your windshield if you use a 200W ceramic auto heater. As with all products, it pays to shop around to find the best prices.

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