Clear Bumper Lens

Bumper lenses are a purely stylistic addition to any car. They really don’t offer anything to your car in terms of performance or visibility (at least, not yours), they exist purely as decoration. And for those of us who care about decorating our cars, making them look as great as the possibly can, it’s important for the bumper lenses to look good. They look like a minor aspect of your car’s appearance, but the reality is that they add more to your car’s sleekness and appearance more than you might think – otherwise, car companies wouldn’t spend the extra money needed to build them into their design.

Clear bumper lenses are great for improving the overall look of your car. They don’t attract any real attention to themselves (as most of us don’t aim to make statements with our bumper lenses). But they when you have a set of clear, clean bumper lenses, they make a great addition to the overall look of your car. Bumper lenses are a completely atmospheric addition – they make your car look better by focusing people’s eyes on its design, not theirs. If you get clear bumper lenses, they make that point all the better.

There are several reasons to change the bumper lenses on your car. The most common is that one or more has been damaged or broken off. But another perfectly valid reason is that they’ve become dirty and clouded from simple age and dust. If you care about having your car give off the best vibe possible, the bumper lenses can be a detriment from your car’s appearance, something nobody really wants to have on their car. In that case, buying a new clear bumper lens can be huge for your car’s overall appearance, without being an expensive fix. You can usually buy bumper lenses for between $10 and $20. If you’re remaking your car or fixing its appearance that will most likely be a tiny expense in comparison to what you’ll be spending overall, and it will likely be well worth the money as well.

In that case, reinstalling them usually isn’t that hard of a process, but it can be a different one for every person. The main problem people will have with replacing bumper lenses is that they can be very different from car to car, let alone from company to company. In that case, you might have to do some research to find out how to replace your bumper lens, as the process is usually more complicated than simply snapping it off or unscrewing the lens. For many cars, the process of replacing the lens can actually involve you jacking the car and removing parts of the car from the inside to get to it, especially if there is no light under the lens. Usually cars with lights are easier, because of the need to replace the lights, but that’s not always the case. In some corvettes, for example, you’ll have to actually remove the brake caliper to get to the lens.

If you’re shopping for a clear bumper lens, the best place to do that is online. Most online stores that carry bumper lenses sell them according to make and model. You can go to their homepage, select your car, and have a bumper lens custom fitted for your car shipped to you. This is really the safest way to go about purchasing one, because as different as the installation processes can be, the actual shape and size of bumper lenses can be drastically different. Simply buying one from a store that has a generic fit, even if it says it fits your car, might not fit just right. And most online stores offer a decent return policy in case it doesn’t fit, while many auto shops won’t let you return it after you’ve opened the packaging.

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