Coil Over Shocks

A vehicle needs to have good suspension and working springs in order to keep the vehicle riding smoothly and comfortably down the road. Without good suspension the passengers will be able to feel every bump in the road and this makes for a very uncomfortable ride. Riding in a bouncy car is not only frustrating for those inside but it is also very bad for the vehicle itself. If the suspension on your car has gone bad or is worn out you run the risk of damaging other parts of the car and you could also find that a big enough bump could cause your car to bottom out. When a car bottoms out it drags the under carriage on the ground and since there are many important parts located under the car you could cause serious damage that could cost you a lot of money to fix.

In order to prevent this from happening it is important to have your car's suspension looked at as soon as you notice it is riding lower to the ground or you can feel all the bumps on the road. If you go over a bump and you can feel the vehicle bounce several times then it is probably time to have your car repaired. There are many types of shocks or springs that can be installed on a vehicle. Many people prefer one type of another and depending on the type of vehicle you have and the purpose of the vehicle you may choose one type of shock or spring over another.

Coil over shocks are one type of suspension device that may be chosen for a vehicle. The term coil over is short for the actual term coil spring over strut. This is because the device has a shock absorber as well as a coil spring attached to the outside of it. It contains both shock absorber and a coil spring to help keep your vehicle from sagging and bottoming out over rough terrain or bumps on the road. These coil over shocks come manufactured as one solid piece. They are already assembled prior to being purchased. When a coil over shock goes bad you must replace the entire device. You cannot replace only the shock absorber or the coil spring separately.

Depending on the brand of coil over shock that you purchase you may be able to adjust the coil over shock to a desired ride height and stiffness. Not all coil over shock devices are made this way however. These types of shocks are great for improving the overall handling and ride of a vehicle. They are extremely beneficial for any car that is used for racing or off- roading. They help control the vehicle under difficult driving circumstances while protecting the body of the car and preventing damage to the underside of the car.

Once you have decided to purchase coil over shocks for your vehicle you may want to take your time to find the best manufacturer that offers coil over shocks that will work for your vehicle. There are several different brands of coil over shocks to choose from and although the concept of all coil over shocks are the same they may have varying features. Make sure you choose a reputable car parts dealer and check for warranties on the product before purchasing. You may want to buy the coil over shocks alone or get a coil over shock kit that comes with everything you need to install the coil over shocks. After your coil over shocks are installed you will be able to tell an immediate difference in the way your car drives and handles the road. You will be pleased you made the choice to install new coil over shocks on your vehicle.

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