Crank Trigger Kits

Ever since the massive onset of street cars, enthusiasts continually looked for ways to modify a car to make it go faster and perform better on the streets. Some were more concerned about visual appearance, and simply focused on the outlook. Others, especially tech savvy petrol-heads focused under the hood for the sheer pleasure of just playing around with the engine. What many regular drivers and owners don’t know is that the purpose of performance tuning a car is not only to make it go faster on the streets but it also increases the engines lifetime by making it work its best and not overworking it. Crank Trigger kits are effectively means to increase longevity and performance of the engine – and forms as vital components in some of the more sophisticated and modified engine systems.

Many racers and car enthusiasts, especially the beginners, overlook the little things and go straight for the big guns like the engine or the exhaust system. It often gets ignored that taking care of the little attributes such as the ignition systems and the crank triggers could rapidly improve proper power and smooth torque distribution of any automobile system.

Street Racers and Car enthusiasts have always had a knack for inventing and looking for new ways to make their cars go faster, and when there is nothing available for ready installations they would most likely find a way to fabricate the needed parts. If you are looking to rebuild a crank trigger or modify the one you have it is necessary to understand that it is never easy to build one but an increasing number of distributor-less ignition systems and front hub systems does require crank trigger systems. For this purpose, interested drivers may look for a crank trigger kit or a crank trigger adaptor kit. These kits normally consist of a pulley, trigger wheel, distributor hole-plug and the sensor mount.

Although most crank trigger kits are built for regular street racers, car enthusiasts can find one that has been made for heavier load and racing. These are also made to fit almost all engines. Although all crank trigger systems look very similar, performance crank trigger systems work with a totally different concept. Take the Universal flying magnetic crank trigger kits from MSD for example; they are sure to provide a head start in creating a custom trigger kit. It consists of a 7-inch billet aluminum wheel that comes with magnetic positions for engine with as low as 4 cylinders and as high as 12 cylinders! The kit also includes an oversized bracket arm which can be modified and cut according to one required specs. The MSD crank trigger kit also comes with an L-shaped holder that can be tailored to fit either a ¾-inch pickup or a 3/8-inch pickup.

If checked with timing light, it can be noticed that most stock ignition timing would jump around creating significant loss in power and performance for racing, this is called timing flutter and can be caused by excessive gear play which could be from Advance weights, Distributor bushings, Steel distributor drive pinion and brass distributor drive gear.

Racers have long known that the best way to improve the performance of an engine is to stabilize this ignition timing. The MSD flying magnetic crank trigger system does exactly that, stabilize the timing. This is made possible by the four magnets built into the aluminum wheel. Most crank trigger systems have one stationary magnet pickup in order to trigger the ignition, which is at a constant risk of being triggered by other blots and debris; it can even be triggered by other vibrations eventually leading to engine damage and significant power loss. But the MSD flying magnet concept improves trigger signals and provides accurate timing thus discarding the chances of a nonmagnetic pickup to be falsely triggered.

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