Custom Axle Shafts

In order to understand why you might need a custom axle shaft, it’s important to know exactly what axle shafts are and what they do. The axle shaft is a key component in a number of vehicle functions, all of which involve the wheel system. Axle shafts in general are the base that gears can rotate on. They function by providing a strict route that a gear (or wheel) takes, and by doing that, restricts their motion in some way, depending on what that gear needs to work as intended. Not all gears need an axle shaft, but car wheels to need them in order to function correctly.

In a car’s wheel system, the axle is a pair of axle shafts placed on each side of the differential. These can also be called the drive shafts, and front wheel drive cars, the axle shaft is called a transaxle, and functions with a single shaft. In either case, axle shafts are the medium on which the engine transmits its power to the wheel. The wheel is attached directly to the axle shaft (which is essentially a straight line). Then the engine turns the axle, which in turn moves the wheel, which moves the car.

There are a variety of reasons why you might need to have your axle shafts custom made. The first, and most common, is that there the shaft has taken some kind of damage, and needs to be completely replaced. For some rare and/or old cars, it can be hard to find an axle that will fit them. In that situation, getting one custom made might be the only option available. The other reason is for performance. All axle shafts are not created equally, and if you’re interested in high speed performance, getting better axle shafts may be a good way to improve a car’s overall performance.

However, buying a custom axle shaft is rarely necessary for either circumstance. In most cases, it is easily possible to repair a damaged axle shaft. It’s not a job many people can do themselves, but it is something that most auto repair shops can accomplish, although that job can cost a few hundred dollars. Also, you might be able to find a used axle shaft online or at a junk yard, and it will be much easier and cheaper to get it replaced in that circumstance. If you’re interested in performance, it’s also possible to get an axle shaft modified instead of paying for a new custom model.

If you are committed to buying a custom axle shaft, then it will probably be a fairly costly endeavor. For a performance model, the best custom axles (which naturally come with the shaft)can cost over $1,000. That’s a heavy price to pay considering that the performance boost that it will produce isn’t as effective as many other enhancements, at least per dollar that you’ll spend on it. It’s also very expensive when compared to the $100 or so that you’d spend on getting your own axle shafts lightened.

For a more run of the mill custom axle shaft, the price is generally somewhere between $100 and $500, without factoring the labor costs of getting them installed. That’s why, unless you’re considering performance driving, you should probably stay away from a brand new custom fitted axle shaft. It is a last resort only, and the quality of a custom-built model can vary greatly. There are a variety of other, better options to choose from, but a custom axle shaft is a choice, and it’s valuable option to have. If you’re looking to buy one, the cheapest place will probably be online, while the most safe will be a mechanic you know that can do the job.

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