Dashboard Covers

A dashboard cover is an accessory you can buy for you car to protect the dashboard from being damaged by UV rays the sun. The sun can damage the dashboard because the rays will cause it to eventually dry out and crack. People also buy dash covers because they like the look of a custom made dash cover rather than the look and feel of the normal hard plastic that most dashboards are made of. A dashboard houses the control panel of the vehicle and contains the instruments such as the speedometer, gauges, radio and heating and air conditioning switches. It sits just below the windshield. In the UK, the dashboard is called the fascia.

Since the dash is located just under the windshield of the vehicle it is constantly exposed to the sun. A dash cover will protect your eyes while driving from the hazardous glare you can get from hard plastic reflecting the glare off of your windshield. The sun can damage a plastic or vinyl dash so most people prefer to protect it with a dash cover. One will also reduce windshield haze caused by gasses being emitted from the dashboard.

A dashboard cover is an aftermarket accessory. You can find them for sale in your local automotive stores, in auto parts catalogues and online. You can also protect the rear deck from sun damage with a custom made dash cover for the rear as well. Adding a soft padded dash cover to your car’s interior can also help to protect the front seat occupants in case of a accident where the hard plastic dash would be more injurious. Vehicles come off the assembly line with standard factory interiors which are often dull and boring. If you want to give your car’s interior a stylish and custom look then you should add an aftermarket dash cover.

When shopping for a cover for your dash the first thing you will need to know is the make and model of your car. You will need to choose a dash cover that will fit the size and shape of your car’s dash. Some are molded to fit perfectly with your dash and won’t fit other makes and models. Buying one specifically made for your make and model is the best option since it will fit neatly and securely on the dash. Some of the most popular dash covers are made from velour and the foam padded dash covers made from ABS plastic. One made from ABS plastic will expand and contract with heat and cold. There are also some dash covers being sold now that are thermo-formed carpet dash covers. These are also molded to the exact shape of your car’s dash board. Most custom fit dash covers have cutouts for air vents, sensors and airbags as well. They are easy to install and maintain. A dash cover for your car takes very little care as well.

When shopping for a custom dash cover for our vehicle you will want to get one as close to the color of the trim in your vehicle. They come is all kinds of colors now and are inexpensive enough that you can change them every other year if you would like. Buying one that matches the trim helps your dash to look custom. If you are going to choose a velour dash cover look for the ones that have computer aided technology with stitched seams. These will fit perfectly with the 3-dimesional design of your dash. Various velour dash covers are often fixed to the dash with Velcro so they will not slip and slide on the dash. An ABS dash cover is usually secured with silicon adhesive. Look for professionally designed dash covers as these are the best fitting and make the best provisions for your car’s safety features as well.

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