Diesel Engine Oil

If you have a diesel engine car you should know that you cannot use the same oil as gasoline engines use. Just like the fuel that you buy for your car, there are differences in the oil that your vehicle needs to run at its very best. It's important that you know what to buy or that you at least know how to find out what you should buy before you put it in your car, otherwise you could end up with some serious engine trouble as a result.

Diesel engine oil and gasoline engine oil are not the same thing, despite what you may have been told. Diesel engine oil has a lot more detergent in it than gasoline oil and this is detergent that is needed by the diesel system. There are some people who use the diesel engine oil in their vehicle to sort of rinse it out, due to the higher levels of detergent, but you should not use the gasoline engine oil in your vehicle for any reason.

The type of diesel engine oil you should use in your specific vehicle will really depend on what sort of vehicle you have. If you open your vehicle owner's manual you will find that it has very clear instructions as to what sort of oil you should use. This is the best advice you can follow, above that of your mechanic or your friend who says that they know a lot about your vehicle. The fact of the matter is that the manufacturer of your vehicle developed it to certain specifications, and the oil that they suggest will meet all of the required specifications of that system.

If you do not have a user's manual for your vehicle, no need to sweat it. You can usually open the hood of your car and right on the fuel cap it will usually say what type of diesel engine oil you need to put in it. If you really aren't sure, you can call the dealer in your area and they will likely be able to tell you with ease what sort of engine oil you need. You can choose to buy this oil from a auto parts store or you can have your oil changed by a professional.

If you have a performance vehicle or you have made certain modifications to it, you may find that you want to buy a heavier grade diesel engine oil for your vehicle. What this will do is just provide more lubrication to the working metal parts of your vehicle. The purpose of diesel engine oil is to lubricate the metal working parts that would come into contact with one another. In addition, the oil moves through the system to keep it cooler than it would be if it worked. In some instances you want a thicker or heavier oil to give added lubrication.

There are many diesel engine oil additives that you may choose to use. Many of these will enhance the performance of your car or they will have cleansing qualities to them. If you change your oil and other fluids regularly chances you don't really need these additives, though if you choose to you will find that many of them are available the same place that you would buy your oil and oil changing supplies. As you vehicle ages you will also find that there are many oils that are formulated for vehicles with higher mileages and these may give you the added protection that you need to keep your vehicle in good working order as the miles add up year after year.

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