Diesel Fuel Water Separator

All vehicles require fuel to drive. Some require gasoline while others run off of diesel fuel. You may be wondering what the differences are between gasoline powered vehicles versus those that use diesel fuel. Maybe you have heard of a diesel fuel water separator and are curious about what that is and what purpose it serves in the vehicle.

All fuel contains a certain amount of water however diesel fuel has a higher amount of water that cannot be removed from the fuel itself. Our vehicles thrive on having good clean fuel to power the vehicle and when there is too much water, dirt or other particles in the fuel our vehicles are unable to perform to the best of their ability. Without good fuel quality we will begin to notice that our vehicles are not getting nearly as many miles per gallon of fuel and it may also have a harder time driving on the road. A diesel fuel water separator does a great job in eliminating the water, dirt and other particles from the fuel before it is used. Without a fuel water separator the vehicles would eventually have a lot of corrosion and other components affecting the engine.

The diesel fuel water separator can be found in different places depending on the type of diesel fuel vehicle being driven. The fuel water separator will eventually collect a lot of the water that has been filtered from the fuel and will need to be drained from the unit. This can be done during routine maintenance of the vehicle just as you would change the oil on the vehicle. The diesel fuel water separator will have a drain plug that can be removed in order to drain the excess water inside the container. You will also notice that there may be a lot of dirt particles floating inside the water that have also been removed from the diesel fuel.

When it comes to purchasing a diesel fuel water separator you must first determine what size you will need. They do come in various sizes depending on the type of vehicle that is being driven. Some can hold a lot more water than others while some may need to be drained more often. Once you have found the diesel fuel water separator that fits your type of vehicle you will be pleased with how much better your vehicle may perform. Your fuel water separator should also have a sensor located on it to alert you when your water level is getting too high and when you need to drain the container. By making sure you drain your filter often you can keep your fuel water separator working at its best. Do not allow the container to become overly full or it may stop working properly. This will cause the fuel to contain more water and the lubricants will eventually wear off of the fuel injectors.

For some people trying to maintain their own vehicles may not be easy. If you are someone that does not have the time or the knowledge in dealing with your vehicle's routine maintenance then taking it in for regular tune ups is probably your best bet. Diesel fuel vehicles require oil changes more often then gasoline powered vehicles so you should make sure that you do not drive your diesel powered vehicle longer than 3,000 miles in between oil changes. As with any type of vehicle, gas or diesel powered, keeping the parts working and maintained is the key to ultimate performance and getting the most miles out of your vehicle.

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  1. Really very informative content. Contaminated fuel hampers the performance and adds to money wastage. Fuel water separator technology is based upon the fact that water has higher density, hence fuel can float over it. With proper mechanism water can be stored in separate reservoir as the fuel flows through the filter.

  2. Can a seperator fail and let water into the fuel and stop the engine?