Dip Wheels

The most important style statement that any car can carry is in its wheels and Dip wheels are one of the best at it. Dip Wheels have been doing the rounds in the market for a while now and have managed to be the show stealers of the wheel market. They definitely lend a sleek and cool style to your vehicle. Dip wheels are the hottest custom made wheels in the market and provide an enviable oomph factor to your vehicle. The other key factor that has made Dip wheels the subject of rave reviews is their price. They are an affordable luxury and are sure to spruce up the looks of your vehicle.

Dip wheels come in various designs and colors that suit the preferences of all. They come in chrome, painted, polish or any other finishes. The type of Dip wheels you choose for your car also depends on the make and model of your car. Pick up your dip wheel based on the size of the wheels in your car. The other key factor that will help you in zero in on your choice of dip wheels is the lug pattern.

The lug pattern gives the dip wheel the elegant and chic look. Dip wheels with intricate and deep lug patterns generally cost more. Dip wheels are normally not a standard feature in any new car though some luxurious brands offer them as standard feature. Dip wheels have taken the after market wheel industry by storm with their amazing array of choices and styles they offer the customers. With all their excellent features, Dip wheels have become the coolest wheels that money can buy.

Among the various types of dip wheels the chrome plated dip wheels are the most commonly available and preferred. They are the first version of dip wheels to hit the market and have been ruling the roost since. They also work out to be the cheapest among the various available choices of dip wheels. The chrome plated dip wheels look good for cars in darker shades like black and grey. The painted and polished dip wheels are expensive than the conventional chrome plated dip wheels. They give your car an unmatchable facelift and are worth every single penny. Black painted dip wheels are amazing fitments for sports cars which come in a wide range of colors.

The chrome plated dip wheels normally cost anywhere between $150 to $200 while their painted and polished cousins cost between $200 to $250 per wheel. Dip wheels for SUVs and trucks cost more because of their bigger size. There are many manufacturers that specialize in dip wheels for SUVs and trucks as they need to be far sturdier that their cousins used in cars. The dip wheels available in the market today are made of high quality stainless steel which is polished extensively to give that extra shine. Dip wheels are also long lasting and sturdy, so that’s style that lasts.

Dip Wheels are a stand out feature on any vehicle and they are affordable. Dip wheels can be customized to any taste and they look fabulous no matter what is the make and model of your car. Are you looking for an image makeover for your car? Dip wheels are the first things you would want to pick. Dip wheels are widely available on the Internet and come at good prices. Most of the manufacturers give you a one year guarantee as well. So why wait. Give a new lease of life to your car with these dip wheels. They are the best cost effective way to spruce up the looks of your car.

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