Dunlop Tires

Dunlop Tires is a company that is 75 percent owned by Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company and the remaining 25 percent is owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries. Dunlop is a British company that sells the Dunlop brand of tires all over the world. The company began back in 1888 with John Boyd Dunlop who invented and then patented his own tire design to help his son to have better wheels on his tricycle. The tricycle tires quickly became racing radials for vehicles whose speeds are often in excess of 200 miles per hour. Dunlop Tires are very popular today in racing circles and on tracks all around the globe. Dunlop blends the latest technology with OE experience in creating tires that can withstand high speeds and maintain their safety.

In 1985, Sumitomo acquired legal rights to manufacture as well as to market tires under the Dunlop Tires brand. Sumitomo did not acquire the company, only the rights to create and sell Dunlop Tires. In 1999, Sumitomo joined with Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company. Sumitomo continued at this time to make and sell Dunlop Tires in Japan and Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company purchased roughly 75 percent of the North American and European tire manufacture and distribution. Today, Dunlop Tires have many manufacturing facilities around the world. In 2006, a plant in Washington State was closed and shortly thereafter, Goodyear Dunlop ceased operations for the mainstream car and lorry tire production in the United Kingdom. The main manufacturing facility however, which was opened in 1891 in Erdington, Birmingham is still in operations today. The factory specialized in vintage as well as touring car tires and motorcycle tires. It also produces approximately 300,000 tires per year that are specifically designed for high-speed racing cars and are shipped to retailers around the world.

Vehicle tires are manufactured by many brands and the sales environment for tires is considered to be very competitive. Due to this, Dunlop Tires has been forced to make many adjustments in order to remain in the competition. Tires for Dunlop are also sold under Arrowspeed, Sava and Fulda brands as well as the Goodyear name. Dunlop Tires is currently the only provider for the V8 Supercars Championship since 2002. From 2003 until 2006, Dunlop Tires also provided tires for the British Touring Car Championship and currently still supplies tires for the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters as well as the American Le Mans Series.

For racing enthusiasts, Dunlop Tires is a name that is very well recognized. Many drivers prefer the Dunlop name on their race cars due to the high quality and the reputation that Dunlop has maintained throughout the years. Dunlop motorcycle tires are very popular and offer a better connection between the cycle and the ground. Since the tire itself allows the motorcycle rider the ability to accelerate as well as to turn and brake, they are very important and Dunlop motocross tires offer a much better grip between the tire and the ground, giving riders a better ability to perform these crucial actions.

Dunlop Tires currently makes motocross tires for both hard and soft terrains. Each type is specifically designed to work with the given terrain and are manufactured from materials that offer the best advantage for the motorcycle rider. Soft terrain tires are manufactured from hard rubber and hard terrain tires are manufactured from softer rubber in order to better handle slippery, wet or rocky terrain. They offer less grip and are much easier to handle in these conditions. Choosing the best Dunlop tires for your motorcycle needs will specifically depend on the terrain where you will be riding. Be certain that you know what the terrain is like when you purchase tires to ensure that you get the proper tires for the job. Dunlop Motocross tires are chosen by motocross champions over every other available brand. The technology for Dunlop tires that began with the creation of a better tricycle tire has now grown to include championship races around the world. Before new tires are offered to consumers, professional riders test each new model to ensure that they uphold the Dunlop tradition of safety and performance.

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