Electric Tire Inflator

Anyone who owns a vehicle will have to deal with a flat tire more than once their life time. Being stranded on the side of the road with a flat tire from a nail or other objects can ruin anyone’s day. And sometimes when the owner is replacing their flat tire with a spare, they find out the spare has a flat as well. Having a backup plan to deal with the possibilities of being stranded on the side of the road provides a piece of mind. An electric tire inflator can easily air up any flat tire with ease. Not having to call a tow truck to tow the vehicle to the closest auto shop can save the owner a significant amount of cash.

There are many different types of electric tire inflators that all work basically in the same way. Portable electric tire inflators can be easily stored within the vehicle and take up very little room. These units utilize the electrical system of the vehicle to operate and inflate tires. Vehicles use a 12 volt system to run headlights, brake lights, the starter, the radio and even the cigarette lighter. Tire inflators that run off 12 volt systems are plugged into the cigarette adapter for power. Once plugged in, the unit uses the 12 volt power from the battery of the vehicle. It is important to keep the vehicle running while using a 12 volt electric tire inflator to avoid a dead battery after use.

Electric tire inflators are manufactured with a PSI gauge that gives an accurate reading of the tire pressure. Portable units are powerful enough to inflate all 4 tires and can produce up to 300 PSI on average. This comes extremely handy for a vehicle on the side of the road with a flat tire. If the spare tire is too low or flat all together, it can be fixed with a tire inflator. Some tires that are flat because of damage or nail wholes will not hold air. Electric tire inflators are not used on damaged tires. They are only used on tires without damage and without nail holes. However, if the damage is small enough to hold air long enough to make it home or to the nearest auto shop, an electric tire inflator will suffice.

Other times a flat tire may occur overnight in the owner’s driveway. A fast enough air leak in the tire can surprise anyone in the morning when they find out their tire is flat. A quick remedy for this is to change the tire with the spare. However, as mentioned before, in some cases the spare may also be flat and leave the owner without any other options. There is another remedy to this problem that is made available to car owners. 120 volt electric tire inflators can easily be used to air up any tire. They are durable and can last a life time. To operate a 120 volt tire inflator, simply plug it in to an outlet anywhere in the house or garage. The power from the house will supply the power needed for the unit to operate and air up flat tires. The most convenient place to keep this unit is in the garage. Most garages have outlets that make using this device easy.

Electric tire inflators are a useful item and can be a life saver for many people either stuck on the side of the road or in their own drive way. The convenience of these products is what sells and it is what many people look for during emergency situations. Without electric tire inflators people would solely be reliant on costly towing bills and mechanic fees.

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