Emergency Escape Hammer

It is important that you have everything in your vehicle that you might need in the event of an emergency situation. An emergency hammer is recommended in areas that have a large amount of water. If you live in a town with a great many lakes and ponds, having a hammer in your car to break the windows and allow you to escape is essential.

Many people don't think about their safety equipment for the car because much of it is already installed in the vehicle. Safety belts and air bags are perfect examples of safety equipment that is in your car from the manufacturer, but there are other things that you should have on hand in case something happens.

There have been cases of people who have been trapped inside their cars for days on end and an emergency kit is the one thing that saved their life. You can choose to make up your own kit or you can find them premade in a variety of places. Include some essential items in your emergency kit that will help you in a variety of situations that you might find yourself in when you are in your car and alone on a dark and lonely country road.

Make sure that you have jumper cables in your car for an emergency jumpstart if you find yourself in a situation that your car won't start. These should be in everyone's car and you can even find self contained jump starters that won’t even require another car.

Roadside flares will warn others of your car on the side of the road and keep you visible in the dark. Oil and antifreeze should be in your emergency kit as well as a first aid kit in case you hurt yourself while you are out alone. Blankets will come in handy if it is cold outside and you are forced to spend the night in the car. Fuses and a flashlight with extra batteries in the kit are also included in a well stocked emergency kit. Screwdrivers, pliers, vise grips, an adjustable wrench and an emergency escape hammer should be in your kit. However, the emergency escape hammer should be kept nearby in the event that you are immersed in water and cannot get to your trunk.

Emergency tire inflator that comes in a can is a great item to have if you find yourself with a flat and no spare. It will at least get you to the garage or home when it is too late to find anyone to help you.

Keep some rags, paper towels and duct tape in the kit as well as a help sign. Some people include energy bars or granola bars in their emergency kit for cases when you will need food when you are trapped in your vehicle.

Most of the items that you include in your emergency kit are common sense items, but many people don't carry these essentials to help when there is a problem on the road. You should keep all of these items together so that you don't have to hunt around your trunk or car to find them. It can all be held with a big nylon bag in most cases. However, don't forget to keep your emergency escape hammer up front with you in the event that you have to break the windows to get out of the car.

Being prepared for every situation is just not possible, but you can cover a good many of them with the items mentioned here. Take the time to put together your emergency kit so that you are well prepared when you are in your car on your own. You never know when it might happen.

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