Engine Rebuild Kits

Vehicles are typically built with strong performing engines but the life cycle of a car’s engine can be rather short in some cases. A few decades ago, an engine would typically only last around five to seven years before it needs rebuilt – preferably by using engine rebuild kits. Usually the life span for an engine would be estimated at no more than 80, 000 miles if the vehicle is driven daily.

Engine Problems
With older engines, there could be quite a few problems that would develop after the engine starts to get worn out. This includes oil consumption issues, excessive emissions, power shortage, and various other problems that relate to engine wear. However, the design of older vehicle engines could be to blame for not providing with a long lasting engine.

Modern Vehicle Engine Designs
Engines are now designed a lot differently than they were before. An engine built in the 1990’s is expected to last around ten to twelve years, which is a massive increase from the older engines estimated life span. Engines are now being designed with fewer possible issues to occur and since they’re built solidly, it’s less likely that you will need to rebuild the engine. If the engine does need rebuilt, there are still many options to get it done easily such as investing in engine rebuild kits.

Since vehicles are now being designed with long lasting engines, people have the option of buying an older vehicle if they’re shopping on a budget. They’re more likely to have a car that will last quite a while and be reliable, since the engines are built better.

Rebuild or Replace?
If there are some engine problems due to extensive wear on the engine, you will probably need to rebuild it. Rebuilding your engine is a good option, especially if you can complete the rebuild by yourself. You may still want to consider your other options though as you also have the ability to replace your engine with an inexpensive one.

Your other option instead of rebuilding an engine with an engine rebuild kit would be to replace it with a new or used engine. This is becoming the better choice for some as it’s usually a lot less stressful and engines are now available for an affordable price.

Buying a used engine would just be a temporary solution to your problem as that engine would need replaced or rebuilt soon down the road as well. Replacing the engine with a new engine is a permanent solution, but also keep in mind that the new engine will lose life eventually.

Engine Rebuilding
Even though it’s easy enough to replace your vehicle’s engine and they’re generally not too expensive, it may still be a better option to rebuild the engine. Engine rebuild kits are a great way to complete the job easily. The main reason to choose rebuilding an engine would be to save money on replacing it. Not all engines can be rebuilt though as it depends on the condition of your engine. If you’re capable of rebuilding the engine by yourself, you may want to consider looking at engine rebuild kits.

You’re mostly saving money from paying for the labor. If you were to get your engine replaced, it would cost quite a bit to get someone to complete the job. However, if you choose to rebuild the engine, it’s much easier to do it by yourself, therefore, you save quite a bit.

All you will need to rebuild the engine would be a torque wrench, a few feeler gauges, a ring compressor, a ring expander, and a few common hand tools. Usually, if you already do quite a bit of auto repair work at home, you will have the tools needed to rebuild the engine. If there’s some work that can only be done with a machine, you can outsource it to a business.

You may run into some issues while attempting to rebuild the engine but they would be unique to each engine. The main problem would be attempting to rebuild an engine that’s too damaged, but usually there aren’t too many problems that you’ll run into.

Benefits of Using Engine Rebuild Kits
Not only are you saving money (in most cases) by using an engine rebuild kit instead of replacing the engine, but you can guarantee your vehicle is only getting the highest quality parts possible. If you got someone else to do the work, you can’t choose which parts are used when the engine is rebuilt or replaced. It’s likely that only aftermarket parts will be used if you send the work to an auto repair shop.

When you rebuild an engine at home with an engine rebuild kit, you can use OEM parts which are directly from the original equipment manufacturer. This will guarantee you the highest quality parts so you can get the longest life possible out of rebuilding your vehicle’s engine. Engine rebuild kits come with all the parts you need for the job and will also include a long lasting warranty to guarantee there aren’t any problems for quite a while.

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