Exhaust Pyrometer

A lot of people may not have heard of a pyrometer before. It is a thermometer designed for vehicles that is capable of measuring temperatures way above the normal level. A pyrometer can measure temperatures all the way up to 1,800 degrees F. Pyrometers are often used in diesel trucks in order to measure the exhaust gas temperature. You may be wondering why this is important but when a diesel truck has an exhaust gas temperature that reaches really high temperatures it is able to seriously damage the vehicle. This is very common when the vehicle becomes over worked and gets extremely hot.

Exhaust pyrometers come with two wires, one thermocouple and one lead wire. The thermocouple is the temperature sensor which is inserted in the exhaust manifold. This is a very safe and accurate method of determining the exhaust gas temperatures. Although this is a great way of protecting the diesel engine, most diesel fueled vehicles do not come with an exhaust pyrometer at the time of purchase. Luckily this tool has been created and has saved many drivers from having permanent damage done to their diesel engines.

The exhaust pyrometer measures the exhaust gas temperature by showing how hot the internal combustion is running throughout the engine. The exhaust gas temperature is determined by the amount of fuel the diesel engine has in comparison to how much oxygen is in the engine. When the amount of fuel compared to oxygen rises this will show by increasing the temperature on the pyrometer. It is very important the engine has the correct amount of oxygen in order to keep it running at a safe temperature. Often when there is something blocking the oxygen from getting to the engine the temperature on the pyrometer will increase dramatically warning the driver of a potential problem. This is very common when the vehicle is under stress. Most of the time situations in which the vehicle is pulling heavy weight or driving up hill or at full throttle the pyrometer will begin showing hot temperatures and this is when a potential problem may first become noticeable.

There are several reasons why a vehicle may not be getting enough air to the engine. These include a clogged air filter, a clogged exhaust system, a problem with the intake hose, climate conditions, or driving at high elevations. Driving a diesel vehicle that is not receiving enough air can cause serious malfunctions in the vehicle's performance. The exhaust pyrometer can tell immediately when there is a problem which alerts the driver and allows for the problem to be solved very early on before permanent damage is done.

You can find a few different types of exhaust pyrometers to purchase however you should make sure to find a reliable company to purchase your new exhaust pyrometer from. There are varying prices and styles to choose from. Most come in a black, silver or chrome finish with either a black or white back panel. They may range from 0-1,500 degrees F or from 0-1,800 degrees F. Make sure to purchase an exhaust pyrometer that shows the safe temperature zones and the warning zones as well. Installation may be a little more tricky and you may want to have a professional do the installation for you to ensure it is installed correctly for accurate results.

When driving a diesel vehicle it is very important to have all the tools necessary to ensure you are driving safely and keeping your vehicle in the best possible condition. Having an exhaust pyrometer can help you detect a problem with your vehicle before its too late.

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