Exhaust Stacks

Most of us know exhaust stacks (or upside exhaust pipes) from seeing them on very large trucks, like 18-wheelers. They’re the exhaust pipes that stand straight up from the truck, and you can see the exhaust fumes rising up through them and over the truck, as opposed to coming out of the back (like most cars). They function the same way as regular exhaust pipes, but so much pollution comes from those big trucks that they want to keep it away from the drivers behind them, which is why they raise straight up. Also, they’re usually bigger than regular exhaust pipes.

That’s why their present in bigger commercial vehicles. But you’ve probably see them on passenger vehicles too, as a purely design-based aesthetic. After all, if you want your car to look powerful, why not make it look more like a big rig? You usually see exhaust stacks on bigger trucks, as they fit in well with the bed without taking up too much space or impairing the driver’s vision. But even though it’s rare to see, you can find them on some regular cars, especially cars that have beds. If you seem them on a car without a bed, they will usually be on the side, in front of the front doors, or behind the back doors, where they won’t get increase the driver’s blind spots.

If you’re looking for ways to improve the design of your car, installing exhaust stacks is a relatively inexpensive option, not to mention an easy one. You can find exhaust stacks very easily, especially online. Finding a good selection in your area might be harder, because they’re not everyday items, but you’ll be able to find a good selection in most car catalogues. As said earlier, they’re not particularly expensive, either. You can find an exhaust stack for about $100, or even less if you buy it used. Now, for some of the fancier ones, (made out of chrome or some other expensive material), that price can go up pretty far. The most expensive exhaust stacks can go for about $300 or $400.

Actually installing your exhaust stacks can be a very intensive process, and one that requires rerouting your entire exhaust system; so if you’re not car and/or do-it-yourself adept, you should probably have a professional mechanic do it for you. If you still want to try doing it yourself, you’ll want to buy an exhaust stack that comes with a kit; that I, a collection of items that you’ll need in order to install the exhaust stack. Most new exhaust stacks are sold with installation kits; if not, you’ll need to buy it separately, and it should be sold at the same place where you bought the stack.

The actual installation process will require you to connect the stack pipe with your current exhaust pipe with a mounting clamp. Beyond that, it depends on your system and the stack you want to install. But universally, you’ll have to bolt the stack assembly to your cab assembly. Sometimes, you’ll have to saw a hole into your bed liner to get it to sit right, and if you’re not careful, this can damage your vehicle without fitting right. Also, you’ll need to make sure the pipe is facing backwards.

If you can do this, installing exhaust stacks shouldn’t be too hard, just make sure you have all the right tools to fulfill the process. In all honesty, they’re not for every car – they look silly on sedans and SUV’s. But if you’ve got truck that’s powerful already, why not? The exhaust stack is sure to five your truck a beastly look that can’t really be achieved any other way.

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