Foose Wheels

Foose wheels are designed and produced by legendary automotive designer, Chip Foose. They are a series of exquisitely designed automotive wheel rims, renowned for their stunning outlook, killer finishing touches and as extremely fanioshable hot rod accessories. It all started when Chip Foose started his automotive career at the tender age of 7 – when he began to work in his father’s factory – specialized in the project design department. He achieved a stunning feat at the age of 12, when he painted his first Porsche – already with five years’ experience under his belt. He earned his majors in Automotive Product Design from the Art Center – graduating in 1990 with honors after being motivated by Alex Tremulus – the coveted designer of Tucker.

Chips illustrious career saw him design some of the industry’s famous cars and held very important positions at various automotive design companies such as Stehrenberger Design and Hot Rods by Boyd. He was the mastermind behind the designs of the electric cars which was to be used in the NFL and NBL and a few famous studio cars to be seen in Blockbusters like Gone in 60 seconds. With Hot Rods by Boyd, he was the chief architect behind some of the internationally acclaimed automotive designs such as the Roadster, Sportstar, Boydstar etc.

In 1998, Chip Foose and his wife Lynne took the initiative to start Foose Designs – which would turn out to be a very successful automotive and product design company. The company specialized in graphics, illustration, surfacing, prototyping and overall construction of cars and other automobiles. The company would cater the individual needs of customers, studios and manufacturers of automobiles.

In 2000, Chip agreed to the licensing terms with MHT Luxury Alloys – which would enable him to start producing the coveted – Foose Wheels. Foose Wheels are specially designed wheels for cars and trucks which allowed its users to achieve distinctive looks and style for their automobiles. The Foose rims come in various shapes and sizes which would make them applicable to a wide range of cars in the industry. They have different makes and finish – which would determine the end look and the price of the model. Foose Wheels produce Chrome Wheels, aluminum alloy wheels, steel wheels amongst others.

Foose wheels are custom wheels which enable the users to achieve a different outlook of their wheels from what was provided with the stock version. These non-stock upgrades contain a sportier and classy look which would definitely set a vehicle apart with the stunning finishing touches. Each of the wheels could be further customized according to the desires of the customer – as they can powder-coated, anodized, polished and painted according to the needs. Often an option only available for the wealthy, Foose wheels can even have a wheel gold plated – a rare trait for any automotive designer company specialized in wheels.

There are vendors and suppliers who can deliver the Foose rims to the customers’ desired location, however, because of the shipping weight concerned, it is advisable that they are purchased and installed on site.

Foose Wheels are considered as a luxury accessory and because of the intricate process behind the creation of each individual unit – the prices are normally slightly marked up compared to the market norm. Still, the price totally justifies with the sheer quality each Foose rims comes along with – and car-enthusiasts happily accepted them as one of the most stunningly looking wheel rims available in the market. Prices normally range from $1500 - $3000, but there are discounts of up to 10% available in some selected stores.

Foose Wheels originates from the core passion of a lifelong car enthusiast. Wearing the suit in the form of a Foose Rim makes a car complete – if the wearer is a passionate car enthusiast.

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