Ford Programmer

For decades Ford automobiles have been renowned for their performance, durability, and reliability, which have made them a staple of American automobile engineering. The Ford aftermarket auto parts industry is thriving, with upgrades and modifications being sold by hundreds of sites online, and thousands of mechanics specializing in optimizing the performance of Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs. Most Ford owners choose to enhance the performance of their vehicle by installing upgrades such as new tires, better brakes, smooth suspension, and airflow modifications. However, one of the best ways to give a Ford a tuneup and optimize its performance is to use a Ford programmer, which is a technological device that attaches to the CPU of a vehicle to diagnose problems and optimize attributes such as acceleration, braking, handling, and fuel efficiency. The following information discusses the benefits of using a Ford programmer to improve engine performance.

What Is a Ford Programmer?
A Ford programmer is a small electronic device that easily plugs into and interfaces with the computer processing unit (CPU) of your Ford vehicle, in order to assess vehicle performance, find outstanding computer errors, diagnose problems, and tuneup the engine to make it as powerful and stable as possible. A Ford programmer is designed to monitor a plethora of information that is constantly being gathered by the vehicle's CPU on an ongoing basis. By utilizing a Ford programmer you can optimize fuel efficiency, drive more miles without changing oil, improve acceleration, lower emissions, raise your overall top speed, and enhance the performance of your transmission and drivetrain. In essence, a Ford programmer is a relatively inexpensive electronic mechanic that can solve problems and help you get the most out of your vehicle continually.

Popular Brands That Sell Ford Programmers
If you've been shopping for a Ford programmer, then you've probably come across an advertisement for a Hypertech programmer, which is by far the most popular brand in the automobile programmer industry. Hypertech has made a name for themselves by providing a plethora of vehicle programmers that are second to none on the market. In fact, some would say that Hypertech has revolutionized many aspects of vehicle CPU optimization, giving vehicle owners the ability to utilize plug-in devices that quickly and easily diagnose, assess, and fix outstanding technological issues related to the engine, transmission, and drivetrain. Hypertech provides realistic and specific predictions pertaining to the enhancement capabilities of their programmers (i.e. – a particular programmer model may be able to add up to 20 hp to a Ford vehicle). Other popular brands that distribute Ford programmers include Edge, LiveWire, and Ford.

How Much Does a Ford Programmer Cost?
The cost of a Ford programmer varies greatly depending on a number of factors including the brand, capabilities, simplicity, size, and retailer. In general, the prices can range anywhere from $175 for a low-end model, to over $800 for a professional grade Ford programmer. However, when considering the cost of a Ford programmer, it should be noted that the average Hypertech Ford programmer can save the vehicle owner in excess of $600-$1000 per year due to improved fuel economy alone. A Ford programmer can also save money for the vehicle owner in other ways, often eliminating hundreds or even thousands of dollars in mechanic fees for unnecessary diagnostics and repairs, many of which can easily be fixed by a quick tuneup from a Ford programmer. Most Ford mechanics have their own Ford programmers, and it is not uncommon for a mechanic to charge several hundred dollars just to utilize this simple piece of automotive technology. Thus, although a good for programmer will cost anywhere from $500-$1000, this investment is certainly warranted for Ford owners that want the best performance and the longest life out of their vehicle.

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