Front Pinion Seal

There are a few places in the rear axle of your truck that could be experiencing leaks. The first place to look is the front pinion seal which is typically the reason for any leaks in this area. When you are looking for leaks, it is helpful to clean the area completely and then look for telltale drips that have not been relocated by the movement of your vehicle.

To perform a front pinion seal replacement, you should begin by jacking up your truck. It is important that the truck be supported during your pinion seal replacement to avoid injury. The truck should be put in neutral gear and the driveshaft will have to be removed along with the housing for the axle. You will need a wrench to remove these items from your vehicle.

Pull the universal joint out of its place, but make sure that the bearings do not fall out during the process. You can tape them in place after you remove it so that you don't lose them while working on your pinion seal replacement. The driveshaft should not be pulled out. Instead, just move it out of your way.

There is a nut on the front of the yoke that is holding the pinion yoke in to the vehicle. This will have to be removed. The pinion yoke should come out easily, but you may have to use a wheel puller to get it out.

Pry the pinion seal forward and out of the vehicle. Make sure that you have a drip pan in place under the front pinion before you pull the seal out.

Now you will be able to perform the pinion seal replacement. Make sure that it is in place, but try to not use too much force or you may damage it and cause it to become distorted. The pinion seal replacement must be firmly in place on all four corners. You will not have to use too much force to get the seal in place.

Put the yoke back in place by lining it up in place. Replace the pinion nut and tighten it until it is tight. Make sure there is no movement of the pinion when you tug on it.

Now you are ready to put the driveshaft back on and tighten the bolts back into place. You have successfully performed a pinion seal replacement.

Most car repairs are able to be done in your own home saving you a great deal of money on your car repairs over the life of your vehicle. You typically will not need any special tools to perform most routine car repairs or maintenance, but over time you may have to pick up a special tool or two.

It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the diagrams for your vehicle. This is especially important when performing a pinion seal replacement. Knowing where the specific items on your car are located will help you with every repair that you make on your car. The user manual for your vehicle should give you all of the information that you will need about your car, but you can also check online for more detailed schematics that are available for your car.

The money that you will save by doing your own vehicle repairs is made even greater by the access to low cost parts online. You should be able to find everything you need for your car or truck online from a variety of sources at very low prices. When performing a pinion seal replacement, you will be able to find the replacement parts online for a fraction of the price that you would pay in an auto parts store. You will have to wait for delivery, however.

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