Fuel Accumulator

The fuel accumulator is an important part of your vehicle's fuel system. It is a component that is located just past the fuel pump and has numerous important responsibilities. If you are having trouble finding the fuel accumulator then just locate the fuel pump and follow it towards the fuel filter. The fuel accumulator will be somewhere between these two parts.

The fuel accumulator is a crucial component found within the fuel supply line. It must remain intact and working properly for your vehicle to perform without any major issues. There is a housing unit that keeps the fuel accumulator safely in place. This housing unit has two different sections, similar to the fuel distributor.

Top of the Fuel Accumulator Housing
The main difference with the fuel accumulator housing unit is that the top section has a much more difficult task. It is required to protect an extremely heavy duty compression spring. Also, there is a discharge opening on this housing unit as well.

Bottom of the Fuel Accumulator Housing
The section where both parts intersect utilizes a metal lip that is folded into place. The bottom section is also used as a housing unit for certain parts of the fuel accumulator. Within the bottom section of the fuel accumulator housing will be a metal plate that is used for fuel deflection. This is where a fuel line inlet will be located.

Use of the Fuel Accumulator
The fuel accumulator is located a short distance from the main fuel pump. This prevents pressure noise from being noticeable while in your vehicle. The fuel accumulator helps with managing the fuel pressure and flowing path (within the fuel distributor).

The fuel accumulator will remain compressed which in return will allow it to store additional fuel while the fuel pump is in use. Once you accelerate it will cause a portion of the fuel to flow (via pressure) to the fuel distributor's upper section. Once it gets to the top half of the fuel distributor there is only one way for the fuel flow to travel and that is into the injectors. Also, remember that there is a valve for pressure relief.

Quick Summary

The fuel accumulator is an important part in every vehicle. To keep a constant flow of fuel you will need a good fuel line system. The fuel accumulator will be responsible for regulating the fuel flow and pressure, and is also responsible for taking care of any back ups of fuel flow. There are two ways for the fuel to leave the fuel distributor – 1) the fuel injectors, and, 2) the pressure relief valve.

This article has covered all the basic information on how the fuel accumulator works. If you are concerned that your fuel accumulator may not be working up to par then run a few tests. You can find articles with that information somewhere online. A failing fuel accumulator is most noticeable when the engine is hot. If the accumulator housing is damaged then it may also be noticeable if there are easily audible sounds from the fuel pump. There are many ways to troubleshoot fuel accumulator problems so just do a bit of research and make any repairs if needed.

Lastly, it is important to remember that this is a vital part for your vehicle to work properly. If you attempt to drive your vehicle with a bad fuel accumulator it can cause serious damage. You will want to replace the unit with a new accumulator as soon as possible. The same goes for the fuel accumulator housing as it is an important protection piece for the fuel distributor.

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