Fuel Distributor

The power behind the modern day cars originates from their technically superior engines. These powerful engines require the right mixture of gasoline and oxygen to provide the power and speed we desire. This is made possible by the Fuel distributor which regulates the fuel mass supplied to the engine. The engine revs up and explodes in a series of small and controlled combustions when the mixture of gasoline and oxygen is ignited with a spark. This produces the required energy to fuel your car.

The fuel distributor ensures responsible delivery of fuel to the engine. The fuel distributor working along with the fuel injection system ensures the desired amount of gasoline gets mixed with oxygen at the right place at the right time. Fuel distribution was handled by the carburetor in the older cars but with the modern day powerful cars the fuel distributor becomes an important component to ensure optimum performance.

In the cars of the past a single supply pipe directly delivered the fuel required for the engine. This meant less control for the driver and these engines were far less efficient. Then came the fuel distributor with its efficient yet simple way of delivering the gasoline required. Gasoline from the single supply pipe was pumped into the fuel distributor rather than the engine directly. The fuel distributor had a large control valve with multiple smaller pipes which injected fuel into the multiple cylinders of the engine. The fuel distributor which is mounted on the top of the engine is also connected to the control vane which controls the air flow into the engine. With time, pressure regulators were incorporated in the fuel distributors to hold the fuel delivery pressure. Together with the control vane the fuel distributor was one of the breakthrough innovations in the automobile industry.

Today’s high performance cars have a computer controlled fuel distribution system where the car’s on board computer decides the volume of gasoline to be flushed into the engine. This means the fuel distributor supplies the optimum amount of gasoline required to power your engine. These computer controlled fuel distributors are sensitive to the slightest movement of the throttle thereby guaranteeing you a thrilling driving experience. The fuel distributor also gives you a supreme control of your vehicle which the yesteryear carburetors could never match.

The fuel distributors used in the cars of today are made of high strength stainless steel and they are molded precisely recognizing the demanding fuel needs of the engine. The type of fuel distributor that you fit in your car largely depends on the make and model of your car. There are many fuel distributor manufacturers in the fray but Mercedes and Bosch have taken this fuel distributing technology to higher levels. Although you might get cheap fuel distributors from your local dealer these are best avoided.

The efficacy of any fuel distributor comes from its design as it decides the fuel mass that the distributor will pump into the engine. Premier fuel distributor manufacturers use computer controlled castings ensuring a perfect design and thus a greater performance. These come at a price though.  Although the price of a fuel distributor depends on the model of your car a good fuel distributor should cost you any where between $1500 to $2000.

That’s not too big a price you pay when you realize the dividends of your investment. Superior control of your vehicle, fuel efficiency and better engine performance are just some of the advantages that a fuel distributor brings along. You can also get good deals on the Internet if you know what type of fuel distributor you are looking for. Over the last 30 years the fuel distributor has become one of the indispensable components of any car. They are at the heart of your car’s engine, driving their performance.

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  1. add a oxygenator to your car or truck,,,,,this burns gasoline and pure oxygen,,,,,,less fuel is needed....get up to 100 mpg....