Fuel Injector Flow Bench

The fuel injectors in our cars are necessary parts to keeping the car running. Without fuel injectors our engines would not receive the fuel to ignite the car. Unfortunately our fuel injectors can have problems and we begin to notice when our car does not have the same efficiency as it once did. Our cars may use up more gas and not be as quick to accelerate if our fuel injectors have become clogged or become faulty. Fuel injectors are responsible for combining both fuel and air in the right quantities to keep the car performing at its best.

Once you begin to notice that your car may be having problems with fuel injection you can try to add fuel injector cleaner to the fuel to see if that clears up the problem. However if the problem does not seem to clear up then you may need to test your fuel injectors. This can be done with a fuel injector flow bench. This tool is designed to test the ability of each fuel injector to spray the fuel evenly. It can determine whether or not the fuel injectors are just clogged and need a thorough cleaning or if they actually need to be replaced because of damage.

Purchasing one of these fuel injector flow benches will not be cheap. They usually range up into thousands of dollars. For someone who works on cars as a hobby or for a career this may be a worthwhile investment, however for someone wanting to test the fuel injectors of just one vehicle this can be a little extreme. A lot of people have claimed to have success building their own fuel injector flow bench and research can be done to learn about doing so if this interests you.

There are a couple different types of fuel injector flow benches that can be purchased or used on a vehicle to determine how well your injectors are working. The first type involves taking the fuel injectors off the vehicle completely before testing while the other type tests the fuel injectors while they are still on the vehicle. Many people prefer the second type of flow bench because it saves them from having to remove the injectors and then putting them back on. But if the fuel injectors are in fact faulty or they are clogged they may need to be taken off anyhow.

You may choose to purchase a fuel injector flow bench that offers many features or one that just does a basic diagnostics test. Some of them work quicker while some may be a bit slower. Some of the fuel injector flow benches can perform three different types of tests including electrical, steady flow and pulsed flow tests. It really all depends on what you prefer and your needs for fuel injection testing.

Many of the more advanced fuel injector flow benches will be able to determine the cause of your problem within minutes. They can determine why your vehicle may be misfiring, idling rough, or hesitating on the road. These are all common problems that are associated with the fuel injectors. They will also be able to diagnose whether or not you have problem with the injector pintles or coils.

As you can see the fuel injector flow bench is a great tool to have. If you are a mechanic or enjoy working on cars as a hobby then purchasing one of these tools can be a great investment. For someone who has one car that may have fuel injector problems you would probably be better taking your car into a shop to be looked at, or possibly building your own fuel injector flow bench would be a less expensive option for you.

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