Fuel Tank Door

A fuel tank door is a metal flap that is found on the quarter panel of your vehicle on either the driver’s or passenger’s side, depending on your specific car or truck. The door allows you to access the gas cap which runs directly to the fuel tank of your vehicle. When you stop to put gasoline into your vehicle, you will first need to open the fuel tank door in order to access the gas tank nozzle.

A vehicle’s fuel tank system is very important. This is the area where fuel is stored and sent to the engine when needed. The fuel tank on a car or truck contains both an inlet and outlet system. Different vehicles will have different sizes and types of fuel tanks but most fuel tank doors are very similar in both size and structure. Both the fuel tank and the fuel tank door are typically made from metal. This makes them much more susceptible to normal wear and tear as well as corrosion. Road debris, weather and other elements can cause your fuel tank door to corrode and generally wear out after a few years. A regular inspection of both the fuel tank and the door is an excellent idea to help prevent leaks and other damage that may cause damage to your vehicle. If you need to replace your fuel tank door, there are many automotive parts stores and online vehicle stores that have wide selections available.

On most vehicles the fuel tank door is held onto the car or truck by a bracket. This bracket is bolted onto the vehicle and is very easy to replace when needed. If you regularly repair and service your own vehicle you should be able to replace the fuel tank door within a matter of minutes. You will likely need a socket wrench to remove the bolts. Once you have the bolts out you can simply install the new fuel tank door and replace the bracket. Depending on your specific car or truck, you may need to reach under or behind the fender in order to securely bolt the door in place. Remember to replace the rubber stoppers that are installed on the inside of the fuel tank door as well to better protect your fuel tank from outside debris, rain and other elements.

If your vehicle has a pull-cable actuator or a button that allows you to access the fuel tank door from inside your vehicle, you will also need to reconnect this cable to your new fuel tank door. If you look inside the trunk under your carpeting, you should see the cable to the fuel door. Before you begin replacing your fuel tank door you will need to unhook the actuator cable from the trunk. There may be screws or plastic or metal detents that hook the cable to the door depending on the specific make and model of your vehicle. You can simply unhook the cable and lay it in the trunk until you have the new fuel tank door installed. Once you have the fuel door properly installed, hook the cable back up to it.

It is important to understand that even the sturdiest and most durable fuel tank doors may become damaged or simply wear out. When this happens it is crucial that you replace the door in order to protect your fuel tank. Simply put, fuel is not cheap and the fuel in your vehicle should be protected against dirt and other debris in order to keep it from damaging your engine. You may want to have your fuel tank cleaned out or even replaced if you have been operating your vehicle with a damaged or missing fuel tank door to ensure that the fuel in your vehicle is clean.

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