Gas Tank Cleaner

The gas tank cleaner you use is very import not only for old vehicles but also new vehicles that are fuel injected. The inside of a gas tank is not impervious to rust especially the older gas tanks. Old gas tanks can accumulate rust and some of the rust ends up traveling down the gas line potentially clogging the line. One of the main reasons why a special gas tank cleaner is needed is because water does not effectively remove all bad particles inside the gas tank. Bad gas can be smudged up against the interior walls of a gas tank and since gas is lighter than water, simple water or soap will not remove it. Having a well cleaned gas tank is critical if you want to keep your car running smoothly. A dirty gas tank could affect your gas mileage because of particle build up in the line or even particle build up in the carburetor or fuel injection. If you have a rough running car, truck or SUV it could be a sign that the gas tank is dirty.

There are all types of gas tank cleaners on the market and you want to make sure you use the right kind to get the job done correctly. Some people suggest using muriatic acid but there are a couple of reasons you should not to use this substance for a gas tank cleaner. One of the reasons is because muriatic acid eats rust. Once the rust is eaten away it will leave behind freshly exposed steel which will quickly rust again. You want to remove the rust and other particles safely so that the coating inside the case tank remains. The second reason not to use muriatic acid is that this type of acid is extremely toxic.

To safely clean your gas tank you need to follow a series of steps. After removing the gas tank and draining all the gas out you should rinse it out with water. Then make sure the gas tank is completely dried out before adding in any type of after market gas tank cleaner. This is very important. You don’t want water in the gas tank because than can dilute the gas tank cleaner you will use next. Follow instructions on the gas tank cleaner step by step. Very few gas tank cleaners require you to dilute the mixture so make sure you read the instructions before pouring in the gas tank cleaner.

Normally, you should allow the gas tank cleaner to sit in the gas tank for a while to let it soak in after you have sloshed it around inside the gas tank to coat the entire inside with the cleaner. Let it set for several hours. Again, most gas tank cleaners will have step by step instructions that you need to follow in a precise manner to get the benefit of the cleaner. After the cleaner sits inside the tank awhile rinse it out with water and let it dry again. In some cases it is best to repeat these steps two or three times especially for older gas tanks. Before you reinstall the gas tank, make sure it is completely empty and completely dry. Motorcycle gas tank cleaners usually work in the exact same manner. After using the gas tank cleaner and reinstalling it fill it up with gas.

If you will not be using the vehicle for awhile you should add an additive to the gas that will help it stay good. Some additives have the ability to prevent gas from going bad up to 6 months. This is perfect for a motorcycle in the winter time. Following these simple steps and tips will help make sure your car runs in great shape and will also make fuel injection and carburetors last longer.

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