Gauge Pods

Gauge pods are interfaces in which gauges can be installed within a vehicle to provide detailed data about every aspect of the vehicle’s engine, drivetrain, and transmission performance. A vehicle's gauges display everything from the amount of oil pressure and gasoline to air-to-fuel ratios and turbo boost levels. From a terminology standpoint, gauge pods are considered to be an aesthetic customization, and therefore are not a necessary component of engine performance. Nonetheless, without an attractive set of gauges the interior of your vehicle simply will not be as visually appealing. If you want your vehicle's interior to be as stylish as possible, and you would like to improve your ability to read the gauges on your dashboard, then you may want to consider the following information about gauge pods.

Types and Uses of Gauge Pods
Gauge pods are sold in many different types of configurations, with the most popular being installed on the center of the dash, or to the left behind the steering wheel. Nonetheless, there are also many creative configurations available to let you place gauges in more unconventional areas such as at the top of the windshield, or even near the radio. Most gauge pods are designed to hold between one and four gauges, however custom configurations can be made that hold more. If you regularly use your vehicle for high-performance needs, or you just want to make sure all of your levels are optimal at all times, having a customized properly situated gauge pod configuration may be the best solution. Customized racecars frequently utilized custom gauge pods because they improve gauge visibility during stressful races when there is not a lot of time to glance at the dash. Gauge pods with LED lights installed also provide the benefit of being able to see the gauges adequately at night.

Installation and Benefits of Gauge Pods
Installing gauge pods is a fairly easy process, especially for people that have experience in adding customizations to their interior. Most popular configurations can be installed by an average person with a basic knowledge of simple tools and a couple of hours time to spare. However, if you're looking for a custom configuration that places the gauges in unconventional areas of the vehicle, this may require extensive bodywork, so it is best left to professionals. The most notable benefits of gauge pods are increased visibility, functionality, and visual appeal. Gauges are also much more accurate than simple warning lights, and are therefore more useful for diagnosing performance problems with the vehicle. By having an ideal gauge pod configuration you can catch problems before they become significant enough to trigger a warning light.

Precautions and Costs of Gauge Pods
As is the case with any type of modification to your vehicle, gauge pods installations have the potential to void your manufacturer's warranty and possibly even increase the cost of insurance. Thus, before installing a custom gauge pod configuration, it is best to consult with your insurance company and vehicle's manufacturer to ensure that the warranty and your insurance costs will remain unchanged. Gauge pods are relatively cheap in comparison to other vehicle modifications, with the average cost of a popular gauge pod configuration being anywhere from $10-$40. However, if you want to have a custom set of gauge pods built for you, the price may rise to exceed $100. There are various additions that can be added to the gauge pods to make them more appealing and functional, such as LED lights, and retractable gauge pods that can be hidden within the dash when they're not needed. If you're customizing the interior of your vehicle, it would be silly not to consider such a cheap and useful upgrade as gauge pods.

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