Gel Cell Battery Charger

There are many types of batteries used to power vehicles and other motorized equipment. Whenever you have a vehicle that is powered by a battery you should also keep a battery charger on hand in the event the battery runs low on power and you are stuck with a vehicle that cannot be started. Although batteries are designed to provide a long life of energy they often can need charged for several reasons.

Finding the right battery charger for your type of battery is essential. You must have the right battery charger or you will not be able to charge your battery. If you have a gel cell battery then you must have a gel cell battery charger. Gel cell batteries are used quite often in motorcycles, motorized wheelchairs and other vehicles that require a light weight battery that is versatile. These types of batteries are relatively small and can be placed in any direction which allows manufactures the ability to design a vehicle in different ways than they would if using a different type of battery. Gel cell batteries are being used more and more often and taking the place of many other battery types in several types of vehicles.

When shopping for a new gel cell battery charger you will want to first determine how many amps your battery is and how quickly you want to be able to charge your battery. There are battery chargers that come in different strengths and if you purchase a low charge battery charger and have a high amp battery you may be stuck charging your battery for hours before you achieve a full battery charge. For those who want to be able to charge a dead battery quickly you must make sure your battery charger is capable of charging your battery amps at a faster speed.

Gel cell batteries are very sensitive to over charging so you definitely want to keep a close eye on your battery while charging. Pay close attention that the gel battery does not become overheated. Using the wrong type of charger or over charging a gel cell battery can both result in a gel cell battery with a very limited life span.

Before charging your battery make sure you know what setting your charger is set on. On most gel cell battery chargers you will find a fast charge setting and a float charge setting. These charge settings are used differently. When the battery is charged in the fast charge setting you must monitor the battery to prevent overheating. The float charge setting is not a high charge setting and you will not harm the battery when leaving it in this setting. The battery will automatically stop charging and hold at the full cell charge level without overheating. You should always read the battery charging instructions before you charge your battery. This will prevent you from charging your battery too long or not long enough.

Gel cell battery chargers are most commonly designed to charge 12 volt batteries. You can purchase gel cell battery chargers that vary in amps and in price. The lower the amps on the charger the longer it will take to charge your battery however you may be wanting to stick with a less expensive charger and the lower the amps on the charger the cheaper the charger will be.

Before purchasing a charger you should always double check your battery for voltage and type. There can be some confusion when it comes to battery types and purchasing the wrong type of charger will ultimately cause frustration and damage to your existing battery.

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