Glow Gauge

A glow gauge is basically a template or face that fits down over your vehicle’s original gauge face. The glow gauge replaces the lighting scheme that is currently in your vehicle. Basic factory lighting schemes are typically red and blue colors glowing from the needs and numbers. A glow gauge allows you to put different colors on your gauges and gives your vehicle’s dashboard a complete new look. Replacing your gauge cluster with a glow gauge is a very easy task and can be completed in just an hour or so, depending on the gauge that you purchase and your individual skills. You can also have a glow gauge installed for you at an automotive repair shop and/or many automotive specialty shops. You can purchase a glow gauge at many parts and supply stores for vehicles and online.

When changing the gauge cluster or installing a glow gauge, you will first need to disconnect your vehicle’s battery. This is a safety step and should be completed before you begin any major installation in your vehicle. Next, you will need to unscrew the cowl. This is the piece that holds the trim around your original gauge cluster. Once you have removed the screws, you can remove the trim piece and pull out the trim. Pull the gauge cluster out of your dash and unplug the wiring that is connected to the cluster at the back side. Once you have removed all the pieces, you can place your new glow gauge face over the original factory face. Be certain that you center the pieces so that they match up correctly. You will then reassemble your gauge cluster and reattach it to the vehicle’s dash.

Be certain when purchasing your glow gauge that you purchase the right product for your specific vehicle. Not all dashboards and gauge clusters are alike and your car or truck will likely have a specific design. Be certain that you purchase a glow gauge that is made specifically to fit your existing gauge cluster to ensure that the gauges all match up correctly. When installing the glow gauge, you will need to ensure that you get everything centered and correctly matched up before you reattach the gauge cluster otherwise your gauges will not be correct. Be certain that you place the needles in the exact place where they were removed. If you are unsure of just how to correctly remove and reassemble the gauge cluster, you can check with your local automotive repair garages and specialty shops to inquire about having your glow gauge installed for you.

Depending on your specific vehicle, the choice of glow gauge that you purchase and whether or not you install the new gauge yourself, it may be very inexpensive to change the look of your dashboard. Glow gauges typically cost between $75 and $100, depending on where you purchase them and the specific gauges that you purchase. The price may also be affected by the type of vehicle that you own. You can check online at a variety of automotive stores to determine what your glow gauge will cost.

Colors may range from white, purple, multicolor and many others. Some glow gauges will be one color when they are in use and another color when they are not. More high-end models offer up to six colors when in use so you should be certain to choose the specific features that you want before you purchase. Glow gauges are an excellent way to add a bit of flair to your interior. They are a very low-cost way to dress up the inside of your vehicle and give it a completely new look.

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