Headrest Monitors

Headrest monitors allow passengers in a vehicle to have their very own monitor for enjoying movies while traveling. Today’s vehicles include entertainment systems that range from VCRs to DVD players and many even include the latest video game systems. Headrest monitors are mounted on the back of a seat’s headrest directly in front of passengers in the back seat. They allow passengers to have a personal monitor which cuts down substantially on issues such as sun glare. Many systems also allow each passenger to choose what he or she wants to watch by displaying different programming and/or using different entertainment devices for each monitor. This allows one passenger to watch movies while another plays video games.

Headrest monitor systems can be fairly expensive depending on the features that you choose and the manufacturer. Many manufacturers offer the systems already installed in vehicles when you purchase them. This adds a few thousand dollars to the overall cost of a new car. Aftermarket monitors are much more common however, yet are still fairly expensive and typically require a professional for installation.

When choosing a headrest monitor, you will need to ensure that you choose the proper size. You may be limited in the system that you choose depending on the size of your headrests. Most of the viewing screens allow ten inches or so although larger screens are available in ceiling mounted monitors. The main reason that most people prefer headrest monitors is because they allow you to choose entertainment for each passenger. You should note however that not all monitor systems allow multiple entertainment systems to be connected for use at the same time. If you prefer a monitor system that will allow passengers to watch different things, you will likely have to pay just a bit more. With children, it is often a much more civilized trip when each child has his or her own choice of what to watch. If you have smaller children, then a system that allows for multiple systems may be the better choice.

You should keep in mind that in order for headrest monitors to show multiple choices on screen, you will need multiple entertainment devices. If you are going to allow passengers to watch two different movies at once, you will need two DVD or VCR players. Keep in mind that a DVD changer will hold and play multiple DVDs without you having the change them but these only play one DVD at a time. You will need an additional DVD player or game system in order to allow passengers to watch different things at the same time.

You will need to determine the audio options in your vehicle as well. Some DVD players in vehicles play directly through the stereo system in the car. If you want to listen to your radio while your passengers watch movies, you will need to choose a system that allows headphones to be plugged in. Many headrest monitor systems have headphone jacks that will allow passengers to listen to their movies or games while freeing up your radio for your music.

When purchasing headrest monitors, it may be a much better idea to purchase new and avoid those systems that have been used in the past. Like many other electronics, purchasing new allows you to receive a manufacturer’s warranty that will replace the device should you encounter a specific problem with the function. If you purchase a used system, you may not have a warranty at all and may end up having to purchase another system if your used one does not work correctly. Be certain that you check the store’s return and exchange policy as well just in case the system does not work once you have it installed.

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