Heat Riser Valve

Many people take their vehicle for granted by not knowing the inner workings of their vehicle. Several of the specialized parts that are designed to do a specific job can always malfunction, or simply stick when they are not supposed to due to several different factors. One of the small but important parts that rest between the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipe which can redirect flow to help warm up the engine on colder days is called the heat riser valve. The heat riser valve serves the purpose of allowing or disallowing the exhaust from the engine to escape the vehicle and be used to heat up the engine to get it running much more efficiently. Proper maintenance is not always possible with parts that are hard to find and unnoticed.

The part is usually made of high quality metals and may never need adjustments or servicing throughout the life of the vehicle, but certain conditions can really change this. The problem with most heat riser valves is the fact that they come in contact with the exhaust of the vehicle. The exhaust can carry a wide range of contaminants and waste which could collect on moving parts within the system. This can reduce the efficiency of the part and even make it stick during normal operation within the vehicle. This can lead to several different problems and can even cause a vehicle to break down from overheating or improper use of exhaust. Exhaust fumes that escape into the cab of the vehicle can cause lung damage and death.

Troubleshooting the heat riser valve is simple and can show hesitation and stalling of the engine when the engine does not heat up properly due to a stuck valve on the heat riser. When fuel economy starts to go down and power drop is evident, the heat riser valve may be stuck in the closed position. The closed position could really cause buildup in exhaust and higher toxicity when it is released. It is important to properly maintain the heat riser valve, especially if it is starting to buildup the unwanted grime from using lower quality fuel or other factors. The system can be properly cleaned and maintained or simply replaced.

Cleaning of the heat riser valve is possible by removing the part and using a high quality brake cleaner fluid or other substance which can impact the amount of dust and debris the heat riser valve has in it. This option is often only recommended if the part is relatively new or if you are skilled enough to do it yourself without damaging anything. A full replacement of the part is also possible but special care must be taken to choose the correct option when performing a replacement or the part may not work correctly as it was intended to do so before. Other options will include having the part replaced by an upgrade with compatible equipment.

Looking online helps you find the proper manufactured parts you need including heat riser valves to ensure that your vehicle is running smoothly. Not having the proper parts from a qualified or trusted fabricator is usually something that you need to be careful with. Several different manufacturers as well as professional installers can be found online even though the procedure is not very difficult to carry out. Specialized kits and cleaning solutions can also be found online to help you improve your fuel economy while ensuring that the engine is kept warm when needed, especially during colder weather. The proper temperature of the engine while running allows for less stalling and hesitation by the engine.

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