Heavy Duty Truck Bumpers

Trucks are the hardest-used vehicles on the road. Unlike SUV’s, which are mostly bought now for city driving, trucks are almost always bought because we have specific purposes for them, most of which put a lot of wear and tear on a vehicle, and abuse that only the toughest vehicles and people can manage.

The problem is that many truck manufacturers don’t equip their trucks properly for the most heavy duty jobs, and we have to do that for ourselves. The problem is that most stock parts of most truck aren’t really heavy duty; they’re the weakest product that the manufacturer could put through without it affecting their sales.

If you’re one of those people who use trucks for a lot of very strenuous tasks, you might want to consider getting a heavy duty bumper for your truck. Heavy duty truck bumper serve an enormous number of purpose, and they’re an absolute necessity for off-road driving as well as any driving that could put pressure on your front bumper, including pushing snow. They can also keep animals off of your truck, and they’re even great for regular accidents. Overall, they’re just a great tool for protecting your car.

The first thing to understand about heavy duty truck bumpers is that they actually replace your regular bumper. That process sounds very expensive, but it actually isn’t a hard job to install a new bumper. Their main function is to protect your car’s engine, and they can absorb a tremendous amount of punishment, which is exactly what you need from them if you’re doing a lot of hard activity. They’re absolutely essential if you do any off-road driving at all, because they can keep your truck in almost new condition even when you run up against unexpected obstacles. And to be frank, they make your truck look incredibly tough, and ready to deal with anything.

When you’re looking for a heavy duty bumper for your truck, the most important thing to remember is to buy one made specifically for your make and model. Unless you buy one that is custom fitted, there is really no other way to get a perfect fit – and the fit needs to be perfect. You want the bumper to be as stable as possible. Any instability can cause the bumper itself to do serious damage to your truck, as any slippage can actually tear at the attachment.

After focusing on the bumpers that fit well, it’s important to know what features you want. For example, most heavy duty bumper come with a grill guard, which is so important a feature that it’s nearly essential. Now, even without a grill guard, your front will still be mostly protected, as the bumper will stick out some in the front, giving you a lot of protection. But even then, oddly shaped objects can still do a lot of damage, so you want to get the most protection possible. You’ll also want to check and make sure that the bumper is made of the toughest material possible. Price-wise, heavy duty bumper can be found in the $100 range, but the best ones can cost around four times that amount. How good you need your bumper to be is entirely a product of how you drive, so you’ll need to use your own judgment there.

As mentioned earlier, installing the bumper isn’t a particularly hard job. As long as you have a good toolset, it’s a job that you should be able to do on your own. The hardest part of the job is removing your original bumper. That should be attached by four bolts (found in the corners). Removing these might take some type of lubricant, but they should be easy enough to remove with a wrench after that. Once you’ve removed the bumper, placing the new one in should be very easy. Just place the bumper where the old one was, and then screw it in. Get them fairly tight, check to make sure its sitting right, and then screw your new bumper in as tightly as possible.

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