HID Conversion Kits

These days, it's all about the stylish, powerful HID lights, a controversial yet incredibly popular alternative to halogen lighting for your vehicle. Not even approved by the federal government, auto enthusiasts can’t keep their hands off these plug-and-play devices that run on Xenon gas and emit bright, color-tinted light. Safety, knowledge and knowing the law are key when buying the HID conversion kit.

HID lights are known for producing as much as three times more light than normal halogen lights. The color temperature of these lights is pure white with a blue or purple tint, an accent meant for style. Not just a pretty accessory, HID allows you more visibility at night and in the rain, and the lamps last on average three times as longer as halogen bulbs. HID conversion kits are easy plug-and-play devices. The science behind HID is the use of a tube of Xenon gas and trace amounts of noble gases wedged between a pair of high-voltage electrodes. Once these electrodes are activated, they emit a bright bluish and white light.

Some of the advantages of HID are that they are easy to install, power efficient, long lasting, safe and stylish. They operate at a lower voltage than halogen lights and they last for more than three or four years. HIDs operate at 35 to 35 watts, so they will not melt your original headlight outlets, and the HID conversion kit works with aftermarket sets of headlights (just make sure to know your bulb and harness application). Single and dual mix-and-match kits are available for bike customizations. These kits are illegal to use in road situations, and manufacturers sell them distinctly for display and other off-road purposes. The laws vary among local, state and federal jurisdictions, but generally since the Department of Transportation does not approve of them, it is best to know the law of your specific area before taking the vehicle on the road.

There is an HID kit for every make, model and trim level out there, so know exactly what you need before you go shopping. When choosing your HID conversion kit, keep in mind that 4,300 to 5,000K will give you the strongest and brightest light while 10,000K will be more conducive to coloring. A wiring harness comes with the kit for better connectivity, but doesn't have to be used. You can look on your headlight lens to see what kind of bulb you will need, or on the bulb you were originally using. You can also refer to your vehicle's user's manual if need be. All you need is the correct bulb number to nail down the correct kit.

To install the HID on your car, the most difficult part may be removing the original bulb, and you may have to remove your front bumper to accomplish this. Once this halogen bulb is removed, find the connector. Prepare your HID bulb by removing the capsule, not touching the glass. Carefully install the new bulb, connect the ballast to the bulb and connect the input end to the ballast, running the other end to the factory connector. Turn on your vehicle to make sure the new bulb works.

Below are a few companies to consider when choosing where to get your HID kit:

  • HidStores, based out of Hong Kong with factories in China, offers a 1-year warranty for HID conversion kits.
  • HIDXenon Headlights, based out of Minneapolis, promises same-day shipping.
  • China-based Rockstar boasts 16 years of experience and a custom sample within 15 days.
  • Omega Xenon, based in Ohio, offers a two-year warranty on its HID conversion kit.

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