HID Light Kits

HID light kits are used as an upgrade to your vehicle’s original halogen bulbs. HID light kits are becoming a very popular aftermarket part to add to any vehicle, whether new or old, and are also incorporated in most new cars as well. The HID light kits consist of high intensity discharge lamps which are unique electric lamps that stick out from the original halogen bulbs that are usually found on non-modified cars.

Advantages of Using HID Lights

There are many reasons why you should want to convert to HID lights and consider investing in HID light kits to do so. HID lights are usually preferred mostly for the fact that the light output is much superior to original halogen bulbs. These lights can produce up to three times brighter light than the original halogen bulbs. But it’s not just the brightness of HID lights that makes them such a great choice, as there are many other reasons why they’re better than your original lights as well.

HID lights are capable of covering more of the road so you can see everything around you. This is definitely essential when driving at night, especially in country roads or on the highway. In some locations, you may be at risk of hitting wild animals when driving, and these animals can seem to appear from nowhere. If you can see most of the road (HID lights cover about 70% of the road), you can help prevent any possible accidents from poor vision.

These lights are also very durable and will last a long time even in harsh driving conditions. The HID lights can handle heavy vibration and shocks which some lights can’t over a lengthy period of time. High quality HID lamps are capable of operating properly for five to ten years, which is a lot longer than the halogen bulbs usually last. Also, HID lights consume about 25% less power than original halogen bulbs.

About the HID Light Kits
The HID light kits consist of 2 starters, 2 ballasts, and 2 bulbs. The HID light kits are such a great option since they’re providing strong lighting and are much more reliable than the traditional halogen bulbs; so many people have bought HID light kits to make the conversion. Once you install a HID light kid, you will be removing the original lighting system. Installing the HID light kits isn’t a difficult task though.

HID light kits are not too expensive to buy. You shouldn’t have to spend more than a few hundred dollars for a kit but the price will depend on the brand name and the type of vehicle you’re buying it for. There are many variations of HID light kits so you should figure out which kit is the best for your vehicle before investing in one.

How the Kit Works
After the HID light kit has been installed, your vehicle will no longer be using the original halogen bulbs. Now, the process which your vehicle goes through to power the lights will be a bit different. The signal travels to the starter, and then the ballast, which is responsible for regulating the lamp. Once the signal reaches the ballast, the signal will become more intense. The signal will then be sent at a higher current to the bulb. The gas inside the bulb will energize once the signal reaches it, and after the current is strengthened, it will produce either a blue or white light in the HID bulb.

Why HID Light Kits Are Worth It
There’s one really good reason why you should invest in HID light kits for your vehicle. HID light kits can make driving at night a lot safer. It’s as simple as that. As it was previously mentioned, HID lights will cover more of the road than traditional halogen bulbs. Since driving at night can be very dangerous, it’s definitely important to do whatever you can to minimize the chance of getting in an accident.

The HID light kits offer a variety of color ranges, which are typically between 3000K and 10000K. The higher the color range of the HID light kit you choose, the stronger the output of blue is in the light. The best color range to invest in would be 6000K to 8000K as the color output isn’t too much blue, but not too white either. The variety of color ranges in HID bulbs gives you more to choose from and can add to the physical beauty of your vehicle.

HID light kits are definitely a great investment, so put some thought into which kit you buy. Pick a kit that works best for your vehicle and learn how to install it properly. You should receive an instruction guide with the kit that provides sufficient information to complete the task. You can also find guides online that explain how to use HID light kits to replace your vehicle’s original bulbs.

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