High Output Alternator

An alternator in an automobile is really an electrical generator that produces an alternating current to power the electrical system in the vehicle when the engine is running. It will also charge the battery on the vehicle. The electrical current that an alternator generates is used for the lights, fan, ignition, radio, etc.

A high output alternator generates more power and amps at a higher rate than a normal alternator does. If your vehicle has added aftermarket electrical devices you will need a high output alternator for them to run correctly. For example if your vehicle has a custom sound system or an audiovisual system installed, after you bought the car, you will need a stronger high output alternator. You will also find that if you have a motorcycle it will also need a high output alternator to run such added accessories as hand warmers, custom stereos, and heated gloves or clothing.

A modern day high output alternator is constructed a lot stronger than old-fashioned generators were. A high output alternator uses a smaller pulley that allows it to improve the electrical output even when the engine is idling.

When you upgrade to a high output alternator you will not need to change your voltage regulator because the amperage produced by the high output alternator will not go through the voltage regulator. Your concern however should be more with draw of the amperage of the rotor. If there is too much draw on the rotor, your regulator may fail.

A large case high output alternator is best if you have an electrical fuel saving system on your vehicle or if you have added a winch that will demand a high electrical output to operate it. The more output demands, the more watts will be needed for your high demand applications. This means more amps will be needed an upgrade to a high output alternator is needed.

Even if your stock alternator generates 130 amps, you will still need to upgrade to a high output alternator if you want to power more than the original accessories on your vehicle. If your lights dim when you play yours custom sound system this means that you do not have enough power coming from your original alternator to run your stereo and lights at the same time. This means that you'll need to upgrade to a high output alternator. In fact, when your lights dim when the car is running and you are using your other electrical devices as well, it is your first sign that your voltage is too low. If you run your high application devices on low voltage for more than a short time, they will get too hot. This can cause damage to your vehicle.

If you have installed a custom sound system in your vehicle, you will really need to upgrade to a high output alternator. Almost all stock alternators produce about a maximum of 60 amps. Almost half of these amps are used to run your vehicle. As a result the stock alternator will only leave you about 30 amps for your custom sound system. Usually a custom sound system will need about 124 amps to run it. Your battery will try to supply the amps but will only be able to do that or a short time. Then your voltage will drop and your sound system will not be able to continue to operate at its full potential. The way to solve this problem is to replace your stock alternator with a high output alternator.

When shopping for a high output alternator you should look for those that are built using certified parts and components of the highest quality and avoid the ones that use remanufactured parts. Purchasing a high quality, high output alternator will give you the reliability that you will need where as a cheaper high output alternator will more than likely leave you disappointed with its performance.

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