Honda Civic Mufflers

Mufflers are accessory to cars, which has a specific purpose to reduce the noise produced by the engines. As the British name suggests – Silencers increase the overall engine efficiency and boost performance, while allows motor vehicles to emit sound in accordance with the law. For the petrol-head and extreme modifiers, good mufflers often help them to increase overall engine performance yet comply with the legally allowed sound levels. Having a good muffler also reduces the pressure on the engine and protects its components from long term wear and tear thus increasing the longevity of an engine.

Mufflers are generally installed as a part of the exhaust system, precisely along the exhaust pipes to reduce the overall noise of the engines’ exhaust. This is achieved via a resonating chamber which has distinct tunes which ensures destructive interference with the exhaust sound cancelling each other out. Generally mufflers are positioned in a car where there are spaces available, more often behind the rear axles since the positioning enables a lowered floor-pan in the backseats. For cars with a single exhaust system, the muffler is normally positioned along the tail pipe, just before the tip. Dual exhaust is available for high-performance cars, where the left and right exhaust both are aligned with a muffler before the exhaust tips. There are two types of mufflers, one is a transverse type muffler with side to side mounting; while the other is called an in line muffler, and is normally the most common.

Honda Civic is an extremely modifiable series of Honda, with even the early 2000 models proudly rapturing the roads competing with the latest performance centric models. Due to the extreme customization options, performance accessories for Honda Civic are widely manufactured by a wide array of companies – mufflers being a key to any upgrades or modification – is not an exception. When choosing the most suitable muffler for a Honda Civic, one has to be aware of the other existing modifications/performances of the cars, and then correlate that with a muffler that promises a balanced performance.

The mufflers in the market are generally universally fit, which means they won't normally fit directly in a car. However, because of the popularity of Honda Civics, there are companies which produce model specific mufflers, which auto fits into the system. In order to purchase a muffler that fits the Honda Civic, the owners should first examine their stock muffler and plan on how far should the new muffler stick out. Once the decision has been made, the next step is to accurately measure the pipe size that connects the stock and the back of the muffler and to get a precise length of piping necessary to fill any void left with the new positioning. There are some other accessories that are essential for the stability of the newly installed muffler, like clamps and hangers which are readily available at almost any car accessory outlet. Wielding is generally disliked by car enthusiasts since it limits possibilities of future upgrades, however for the owners who seek safety and stability ahead of performance and upgrades – the latter maybe a more suitable choice. It is extremely important to compare the exact diameter of the inlets and outlets to ensure that the new muffler will safely mount over the stock exhaust system of the Civic, unless the whole exhaust system is being overhauled.

There are a great variety of mufflers for Honda Civics available at affordable price ranges of $100-$3000. Companies like Remus, Mugen, AES etc. offer very competitive features to help Honda Civic owners to choose the right muffler for their models. Typically warranty periods run for upto 3 years, while a bare minimum should be 2 years when choosing one. Performance enhancement by using backpressures and producing tones similar to high-end sports cars can add positive checkpoints to a particular model. Owners should also check for the factory mounting options, since model specific mufflers may be very hard to accommodate within a particular Honda Civic series.

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