Honda Generators

There are many reasons why a generator can come in handy and be very useful. Having a generator on hand is a great idea. A generator allows you to have power in a situation when power is not readily available from any other source. They can be used during times of power outage, during outdoor events, or for camping. Having a generator can save you in a time in which you need power but are left without. For anyone who has ever been left without power due to a bad storm or other natural disaster you understand just how important it is to have a back up power source.

The problem with purchasing many types of generators is the noise that they make. Many models of generators can be rather loud and are not allowed in many situations. This includes camp grounds or late night use. Fortunately Honda has designed a generator with this in mind and has solved a lot of the noise issues that have been a problem with generators in the past. Although generators can be necessary there is no reason you should have to disturb your neighbors or have to be bothered by an extremely loud generator.

Honda has a few different models of generators to choose from and they all have different features that may work for you and your needs. Some are quiet, some are light weight and some are used for industrial purposes. You may want to select your generator based on how often you will need to use it and for what purpose.

The Honda generators range from 1,000 watts to 6,500 watts depending on your demands. Many people choose the lighter weight 1,000 watt generator to power small electrical tools for outdoor use, fans, TV's or lights. This can be a convenient and handy little generator to have when only a small amount of power is required. There are several other generators that are capable of powering a lot more, some can even power your house in the event of a power outage however these are heavy duty and cost quite a bit more as well. Since the generators are gas powered the higher wattage you choose the quicker the generator will use up the gas. Many of the generators are designed to run for up to 20 hours at a time with a full tank of gas. Some generators will only be able to hold less than a gallon of gas at a time whereas others will hold up to 6 gallons at a time.

Other features you may consider are whether you want an electric start feature on your generator, whether you would like wheels and a handle to prevent you from needing to lift or carry your generator and also how many plugs you would like to be available on the generator. Some come in only 120V while others come in 120V with a 240V option.

Another thing to consider is what type of generator you need as well as what type of budget you want to work with. Honda generators can run anywhere from $800 for the light weight low wattage generator all the way up to $4,000 for the higher wattage industrial type models.

There is a Honda generator available for everyone's needs and budget. If you are thinking about purchasing a Honda generator then you will want to look at all the models to determine exactly what each one can offer you to find the right fit. Many people are using Honda generators and find that they are well worth having. You never know what situation you may find yourself in and having a generator could really come in handy.

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