How to Install Neon Car Lights

If you like the look of neon car lighting you can add it to your own vehicle quite easily. Car neon lighting will allow you to infuse a bit of your own personal style into your vehicle and will allow you to be noticed as you go down the road. Even if you have some awesome ground effects on your vehicle you can enhance them even more with the use of some very simple neon lighting. To get started all you need is a car neon lighting kit and a bit of time! Most of the kits come with some very simple instructions, but if they aren't making sense to you,. You don't need to give up, you just need to keep reading.

To get started you will need to gather all of the tools necessary to make the installation as quick and painless as possible. Tools you will need include:

  • Electric drill and bits
  • Pencil
  • Center punch
  • Heat gun
  • Soldering gun and solder
  • Silicone sealant

To get started you will need to disconnect your car battery and then familiarize yourself with the underbody of your car. You need to do this so you are aware of any brake lines, fuel lines, etc that you will want to steer clear of during the installation process. This process may be easier if you first lift the vehicle up on jacks. When you lift the vehicle up on jacks you need to be certain that the car is stable and secure before you get under the vehicle.

Now you are ready to install the car neon lighting tubes on your vehicle. These tubes are mounted to the chassis using small metal or plastic brackets that should come with your car neon lighting kit. Install the brackets onto the tube first and then place the tubes on the chassis where you will install them. Mark the places where you will install the tubes with a pencil. Remember that in many areas the tubes cannot be visible by law, so you will want to make sure that you mark the proper spots in the chassis before doing any drilling.

After you have marked where you will install the tubs you will need to center punch these areas and then drill out the holes for the mounting brackets. Before you screw in the screws to mount the tubes, place a small amount of silicone sealant over the whole to keep the metal from rusting in the future. At this point you are ready to start the screws in the brackets first just to hold it in place, and then when it is in place, go around and retighten all of the screws. When you are doing this make sure that any wires coming out are coming out toward the front of the vehicle. Go about this same process with all of the tubes and brackets around the car.

Now you will need to find a place in the engine compartment where you can mount the transformer, preferably around the battery. Drill mounting holes for the transformer and then attach it. Connect the transformer to the lighting circuit, you will need to refer to the manufacturer's directions here, though in most cases you will use solder, silicon sealant, and shrink wrap tubing.

The power wire on the transformer of your car neon lighting kit can be attached to the positive side of the car battery with an inline fuse that is no more than 18 inches away from the battery. In addition, you will need to attach a ground wire to the chassis of your vehicle or connected to another ground wire on your vehicle, which will allow you to complete the circuit. Now you will want to install the on and off switch on your car dash. This can usually be done easily with a grommet in the firewall and then into the engine compartment where it can be attached to the battery. Follow any of the remaining directions as suggested by the manufacturer, and then switch on your neon lights to look great as you go down the road.

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