Idler Pulley

The idler pulley is a part of your car which is responsible for the regulation of various belts connected to the crankshaft of the vehicle. These belts are connected to various other parts of the car's engine and other related accessories, and the idler pulley helps to regulate their smooth operation, ensuring smooth operation and motion in those parts. The idler pulley is a pulley (one of a few, actually) on which a belt remains suspended.

Thanks to their complex, winding nature, engine belts have earned the nickname 'serpentine belts', and they certainly seem to live up to name, running from pulley to pulley and create intricate mechanical motion systems. The idler pulley happens to be one of these pulleys. Also, if you are wondering exactly what these belts are doing in your car, well, it can pretty much be said that your car would not even be moving without these belts in place. They are responsible for the smooth operation of virtually every part of the car, including the alternator, the power steering pump and the air-conditioning compressor.

In fact, the belt system of a car is considered to be so important that a diagram of it, including the pulleys (in turn including the idler pulley), is often included on the underside of the hood of the ca in the form of a sticker. It is also sometimes mentioned in the driver's manual. Most modern cars of today utilize serpentine drive belt systems, where one large drive belt is responsible for providing power to each part of the car rather than a collection of smaller ones. The chief function of the idler pulley is to supply sufficient levels of tension to the serpentine belt system, allowing it to power a vehicle. Rather than requiring distinct tensioner pulleys, the idler pulley replaces them completely. If the belt of the car keeps slipping off the round pulleys, or simply becoming loose, there is a very good chance that the bearing devices of the pulley are either damaged or worn-out, and require urgent replacement.

Here is the best news: it is almost ridiculously easy to replace the idler pulley of your car. The tools you need to pull this off are rather basic, consisting of a replacement idler pulley, a torque wrench and a socket set.

In fact, in the modern cars, when a critical system such as this system starts to malfunction, the idler pulley is usually the first thing to be adjusted. It solves the problem in most cases. Sometimes, along with the pulley, a few belts are also replaced. Certain mechanics utilize a special tool known as the idler pulley tensioner to adjust the tension levels on the belt to perfection. The pulley can be easily adjusted by adjusting it with a screw. In order to relieve excess tension, the idler pulley can also be somewhat relocated, allowing the belt to fit around the pulley better.

The idler pulley sees a great deal of action whenever the car is in use, and it undergoes a great deal of erosion over time. Mechanics usually suggest the replacement of the idler pulley while carrying out a maintenance of the car's belt mechanism. Remember – although pulleys can generally outlast belts, neither one is invulnerable to being weathered by use and the elements, and should be replaced on a regular basis. The state of the pulley can usually be easily understood at a glance. If the idler pulley fails, the belt connected to it will snap, rendering the car usable until a replacement is installed. For this purpose, consulting a mechanic is highly recommended.

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