Ignition Coil Pack

Modern vehicles are equipped with non-distributor-based ignition systems. Instead of relying on a distributor mechanism, they use an ignition coil pack and a small sensor array to ignite the fuel. The ignition coil packs consist of thin coils wrapped hundreds of times along a central core. Is it used to carry electricity from the car battery to individual sparkplugs through the cars computer controller. The coil pack multiplies the voltage considerably, reaching up to 40,000 volts and sends it back to the individual sparkplugs. The reason for providing such a high voltage is to allow the spark to travel across the electrodes and reduce the gap on the end of the spark plug, making the engine run by igniting a mixture of fuel and air inside the cylinders. The reason to call it a coil pack is that it consists of more than one coil terminal. A standard ignition system has a single terminal where it received the sparks from a distributor to each cylinder. Some Ford and GM coil packs are located above the engine or below the plastic dust cover with two coil terminals that are wired to the sparkplugs.

To minimize wastage of fuel and to prevent misfiring, one needs to keep the ignition coil pack in almost perfect condition at all times. One of the practical solutions for maintenance can be done using factory equivalents.

Ignition coil packs comes in two styles. The first type features all the mounting coils embedded on the mounting pad. The worst part of this style is that if any of the coils are damaged, the entire coil pack has to be replaced. The second type features all the mounting coils embedded individually on the mounting pad. If one coil is found to be damaged, only that one needs to be replaced, while the other ones can be left intact.

Let us take a closer look at one of the leading ignition coil manufactures called Okada Projects.

Okada Projects - Performance Ignition Coils
Okada Projects from Japan are one of the best ignition coil manufacturers in the world. This is because their plugs take the shortest time to replace, are easy to handle, highly effective and innovative. Okada Projects manufactures a particular range of plugs called Plasma Directs which improves the ignition through greater energy efficiency and multiple discharges of sparks. With its cutting-edge technology, it can save wires and coils from burning away. The Plasma Direct has a high-powered amplifier built into it. It can generate four times more spark energy than any other ignition coil with a full improvement in the secondary coil, without generating any heat inside the coil itself. It can even discharge 10 sparks at a time during operation, while others can only produce one at a time.

Most of the products in the market have higher voltage ranges in comparison to factory systems, which can go up to 400 volts. This can cause wires and coils to burn up. The aftermarket systems can have a voltage of up to 500 volts, which can cause the car's electrical wirings to be overloaded. Besides high voltage, they also produce huge levels of negative current, up to -40 amperes, which can slowly kill the coils. Not all cars have a disadvantage with high voltage, though. Racing cars actually need this high voltage for higher achieving higher RPM counts over shorter periods of time.

There is no need for splicing and cutting into the stock wires for Okada Project Plasma Direct plugs. The best part of the Okada Project products is that they are CARB-approved and OBD II-compliant.

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