Laptop Car Mount

Are you a busy executive who needs to spend a lot of time on the road traveling from client to client? Are you such a busy person that you always need access to the internet through a computer, or need to use it at outlandish times, say, when soaring down the Interstate? In such cases, you have surely noticed how ridiculously difficult it is to type on a laptop when in a car. Even when traveling on smooth roads, your fingers will still jump around a lot more than you would want them to. And as for typing when driving, it is completely out of the question. Under no circumstances should you take your eyes off the road when driving. However, if you happen to be one of those individuals who need to type even on the road, and have a good chauffeur to rely on, look no further – just get an auto laptop mount for your car.

Okay, so what is an auto laptop mount? A laptop mount is basically a small table specially designed to be fitted next to the driver's seat, so that the passenger who is riding shotgun can use a portable computer without having to place it on his lap. Most laptop computers have their cooling fans and air vents at their bottoms, and placing them on the lap can not only block the flow of air but can also cause severe overheating of the machines. Overheating can cause the performance of the computer to drop, cause it to turn off randomly, and may even cause permanent damage to some of its more sensitive components. And, as if that is not enough, they can actually get hot enough to singe your thighs and certain other extremities of your body.

The laptop car mount eliminates this problem by presenting you with a metal surface on which you can place your laptop. The metal surface, with a collection of cooling fins, helps to bleed off the excess heat from your laptop, helping it to run cool. This process is further augmented with the presence of a number of fans (which are powered by your car's battery), which help to provide additional cooling to the laptop, increasing the efficiency of its systems considerably.

However, the most admirable feature of the auto laptop mount is not its cooling system, but its ergonomics. It is designed to be used in such a way that your laptop remains securely in place without falling off, and allows you to comfortably place your hands of the keyboard and touchpad without having to press down with your palms to keep the machine in place. This is done with the aid of a few elastic belts – yes, it is like a dedicated seatbelt mechanism for your computer. The mount's inclination can be adjusted to your individual needs. Some advanced models of laptop mounts even include separate charger outlets for you to charge your laptop on the move.

Auto laptop mounts also come in a wide variety of sizes and types, among them there are:

  • Steering Wheel Mounts that simply snaps onto the steering wheel and can easily be taken off and placed under the seat.
  • No Drill Mounts are the most common and most widely used. They use the vehicle’s existing infrastructure in order to be mounted.
  • Mobile Car Desks are basically a desk in the car. They provide work space while holding your laptop. Some have built in inverters to power the laptop from the car battery.

All in all, an auto laptop mount is an excellent investment for using a computer on the road or parked by the roadside. However, you should still refrain from using your computer when driving, since your life always takes priority over your work, and that is not a truth you should find out at the cost of your life and limb.

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