Magnetic Oil Filter

There are so many new and improved car parts today that are designed to help keep your car running smoothly and more efficiently. Manufacturers are constantly striving to find new innovative ideas that can help us get more miles out of our cars without needing to run to the mechanic as often for repairs.

Obviously the main component of the car that needs to be protected is the engine. For this reason there are many types of motor oil as well as oil filters that can be used in your vehicle. One of the newest ways to keep your oil and oil filter working effectively is by purchasing a magnetic oil filter. By adding this new element to your filtration system you may be able to protect your car even more from the everyday wear and tear on the engine.

The magnetic oil filter is also known as the oil filter magnet. Most people are used to using a free flow oil filter in their vehicle. Although these filters do clean the oil it may not be sufficient enough to catch all the tiny particles that are flowing through the dirty oil. There are many micro sized particles that can be floating inside the oil that can cause permanent damage to your engine. Most of these particles are tiny pieces of metal or rust.

There are two ways to use this magnetic oil filtration. You can purchase an oil filter that comes with a build in magnetic layer or you can purchase a band of magnets that fit snuggly over the outside of your oil filter. Either way the magnets inside or outside the filter can grab the metal particles and hold on to them tightly so they do not continue circulating through your engine causing serious long term damage. The oil filters that come with an internal magnet filter are disposable just like a regular free flow oil filter would be. Once the filter has been used you would toss out the magnetic oil filter and replace with a new one with each oil change. The external magnets that can be attached to the outside of the oil filters are reusable and transferrable from one filter to the next. Once the oil filter has collected the debris it is then changed with the oil and the external magnets are once again placed on the outside of the filter to start the process once again.

A basic oil filter is fairly inexpensive. You can replace your current oil filter without magnets for only a few dollars. If you decide to make the switch over to the magnetic oil filters you can expect to spend a bit more. Ranging anywhere from $15 up into the $100’s, these filters can be a little pricier than you may want to spend. There are different brands of magnetic oil filters to choose from and prices can also vary depending on the type of car and model that you are driving. Just like anything else, there are different quality filters that can be purchased.

Not only is it important to change your motor oil frequently but it is just as important to change your oil filter as well. Since the filter is working to keep your oil clean by removing all the grime and debris that can run through your engine, it is a crucial tool in maintaining your car’s most expensive part. Whether you choose to use a regular oil filter or a magnetic oil filter make sure you are using good quality filters and protecting your car from any unnecessary wear and tear.

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