Manual Transmission Fluid

All of the fluids contained in your vehicle are important, but one of the most costly mistakes that a car owner can make is not keeping track of their manual transmission fluid. The transmission in your vehicle can be damaged if there is not enough fluid in the car and if you have ever priced the components for a transmission, then you know how costly it could be to replace or even repair it.

Check your transmission fluid with the dipstick that is under the hood of your vehicle. If you are not sure about where this is located, you can find the information in your owner's manual. Simply remove the dipstick from its location, wipe it clean and then reinsert it in the transmission. The stick should be marked with the appropriate level of fluid for your vehicle.

When checking your manual transmission fluid, you should make sure that the color of the fluid is red and not brown. If the fluid is brown, you will have to replace the fluid. Many cars require that you change the manual transmission fluid at specific intervals.

Adding manual transmission fluid to your vehicle is fairly simple, but you should be sure that you are adding the correct type of fluid. Adding too much or the wrong type of fluid to your vehicle can seriously damage your car.

If you are having trouble locating the tube that you should add the manual transmission to, you should consult the owner's manual for the car. Add the fluid in a slow manner so that you can check the level frequently and prevent overfilling the fluid in your car.

Checking the transmission fluid should be a part of your routine car maintenance. Many people have found that taking care of their own car maintenance is a great way to save money. With so many people looking for ways to cut expenses, taking care of this type of work on your own is a definite budget saver.

Good vehicle maintenance, such as checking the manual transmission fluid in your car will ensure that your vehicle lasts longer and is much more efficient while you are driving it which also saves money on your family budget. You can even take care of many of the smaller repairs to your vehicle as well and avoid the expense of paying for mechanics to work on your car.

You should only need a basic set of tools for your routine maintenance on your car. Unless you plan to do major repairs, you can pick up your tools as you need them and avoid the expense of tools that you may not use for years. Consider keeping manual transmission fluid on hand for those times when your vehicle is low. Most of the items that you will need for a routine tune up can be kept on hand so that you can quickly and easily do a tune up when you have the time.

Buying these items in advance will also allow you to take some time and find the best price for the parts and the fluids. You will be able to shop online for all of the parts that you will need for your tune up including the fluids such as manual transmission fluid. If you buy the parts ahead of time, you will have them always on hand for when you need them and take advantage of the best prices. It may not amount to a huge savings, but every bit helps. Check the price of shipping when you are comparing prices for parts and fluids online. This should be considered in the cost of the part. If you buy more than one item from a site, it might lower the cost of your shipping per item.

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