Mud Tires

Whether you are looking for on-road or off-road tires for your four-wheeler, look for high quality mud tires that have been tested and work with your specific make and model. Always be careful when buying any auto equipment online, and stick with reputable online stores that have their addresses and phone numbers listed on their websites. Find a dealer that keeps stock of all the reputable models and make sure your customer service rep knows exactly what kind of vehicle you have and exactly what kind of driving and terrain you will be working with.

To choose the right tires, thoroughly analyze what kind of driving you are hoping the tires to help you with and the kind of road and terrain that you are dealing with. It is especially important to choose the right size. Getting a tire that is too small is a really bad idea, and tires that are too low-profile are prone to damage. Only buy original tire models from the original manufacturer. Just say no to knock-offs; the amount of money you'll spend fixing and replacing them is not worth it. Just spend the extra money on the front end so that you aren't fixing and replacing your tires down the line.

Do note that there's an extra tax on heavy tires. For many tire distributors, this tax is included with the price, but make sure before you commit to a purchase. Tires that are 37 inches and below are not subject to this tax. Look for a distributor that is picky about the tires they stock up on and has a good variety of sizes, makes and models.You can save thousands of dollars by choosing the right tires, so don't be hasty when choosing your tires.

Knowing the kind of mud you're dealing with also is important to choosing the right mud tires. Driving in mud is a delicate balance, and there is all kinds of mud to consider, from really runny to really goopy to mud mixed with crushed terrain. Topsoil, clay, ice and snow are other things you will want to take into consideration. This is called "reading the mud" and it will make a big difference when choosing a mud tire.

Below you will fined a few of the headlining brands, each with tires for varying types of terrain:

  • Interco, based out of Louisiana, has three generations of leadership in the high performance tire industry. They are responsible for the first widespread light truck tires. Their Super Swampers are available in a variety of styles, sizes and specifications.
  • Pro Comp, which features all-terrain, mud terrain, X-terrain, and Xtreme all-terrain tires, uses the most cutting edge technology and the best materials. Made in the United States, these high performance mud tires have perfectly assembled steel, polyester cords and rubber. They make for a good ride that lets the truck handle well in all kinds of weather. Pro Comp tires come with a warranty.
  • BFGoodrich, a leader in mud tire manufacturing, have tires available in mud terrain and all terrain, as well as Krawler T/A. Goodyears offer 3-ply sidewalls and and use a high-quality silica substance that promotes durability and puncture resistance. Its new tread pattern increases uniform treadwear, element and lug stiffness. Gooodyears are very durable and resistance to tears and cuts.
  • Mickey Thompson tires are developed for streets, strips, tracks and off-road. Trailblazer in the industry, Mickey Thompson tires were the first wide low-profile street tires and the first rugged off road tires with aggressive tread. Dick Cepek uses the best materials and expert workmanship and combines them with superior design.

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