Nerf Bars

Most people have come across nerf bars, not realizing what it is actually called. Nerf bars are known via various names for instance, many call these by the name “boss bars” while some refer them simply as “tube steps”, “step bars” or even “step tubes”. However, the most popular contemporary name of nerf bars is “running boards”.

The popularity of nerf bars is somewhat apparent by the immense variety of their names. Basically, they are devices that are shaped in the form of a tube and are attached to the sides of different types of vehicles. For instance, trucks as well as four wheelers and sport utility vehicles are known for extensively using them.

The nerf bars are used as a step in order to allow people to enter and exit the vehicles. Through the use of the nerf bars, the entry and exit become extremely easy. In order to be able to perform their functionality, nerf bars need to be enough strong. This is why they are made from strong metals and alloys – mostly steel. In general, the nerf bars are made of stainless steel; however, many manufacturers are also selling nerf bars that are made of powder coated steel. Chrome steel made nerf bars are also commonly seen in the market.

Since the nerf bars are used with a wide range of vehicles, they come in different designs as well as styles. Customers can also choose the bars in different colors.

Earlier, the role of nerf bars in providing easy exit and entry into the vehicles were discussed. However, there is another important function of these nerf bars. They are excellent for protecting the sides of the vehicles from most damages that occur while traveling. The sense of protection provided by the nerf bars also gives confidence to young, inexperienced drivers as well as passengers. They are also excellent for old drivers and passengers, who may be experienced but are still not as confident as they were before. How the nerf bars are capable of protecting the vehicles from damage depends on their arrangement. They are usually mounted over a frame and, as a result, are better equipped with dealing with roadside accidents.

The nerf bars usually are capable of supporting weights as large as 300 lbs while a few of them are also capable of holding larger weights. This excellent weight capacity of the nerf bars is another reason for their growing popularity. Since up to 300 pound weights can be carried by the nerf bars at a single instance, they are effective time saving utility as well. In addition, users can increase the weight capacity of the nerf bars by modifying the foundation. To instantiate such capacity of heightened weight limits, automobile owners need to put a support frame made of aluminum under the nerf bars. In this way, the weight capacity can be increased to almost 500 pounds.

The nerf bars are also essential when the weather is wet and unfavorable, since the slippery steps usually make the passengers prone to slip accidents. Nerf bars can actually help by making it safer for passengers to enter the vehicle by keeping out water from the surface of the steps. Nerf bars are designed in such a way that water cannot stay over the steps and are usually installed having an exit slide angle in mind. Nerf bars not only keep away water but also mud and dirt. As a result, they keep the carpet of the vehicle clean and fresh – even at times of wet weather. Passengers can also clean their feet by using the treaded pad.

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