OEM Auto Parts

It’s always suggested to invest in OEM auto parts when making any repairs to your vehicle. By buying OEM auto parts, you can make sure you are investing in parts that will fit your vehicle properly. This is especially important when you’re repairing a high performance vehicle such as the Audi RS.

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM auto parts are provided by the manufacturer which the vehicle origins from. These parts are designed as replacement parts and there’s an excess of stock for all models, so you’re guaranteed to find parts made for your vehicle specifically. If you chose to buy parts that weren’t from the original manufacturer, you can’t guarantee a perfect fit.

Why to Buy OEM Auto Parts
As already said, the main reason why OEM auto parts are preferred is that they’re designed to fit your specific vehicle. You can still buy auto parts manufactured by a different manufacturer but it’s not the best choice.

Aftermarket products are designed to be able to fit most vehicle makes or models. Since they aren’t designed individually for specific vehicle models, this can lead to some problems. Sometimes you’ll have to modify the part to make it fit properly. In some cases, the aftermarket part may not even fit. This is not the case with OEM auto parts however, as they’re designed to exactly fit for your specific vehicle model.

OEM auto parts are also more dependable than aftermarket parts. This is true as the original equipment manufacturer is the company that was responsible for building your vehicle, so they definitely know how to make parts for it. The original equipment manufacturer would also be more accustomed to the specifications necessary for each part. Overall, the OEM auto parts are a lot more dependable and durable than aftermarket parts.

The last reason why OEM auto parts are preferred over aftermarket parts would be that consumers generally trust the manufacturer more. If you need to repair your vehicle, you are likely going to rely on your vehicle’s manufacturer to be capable of providing high quality parts for your vehicle. There’s no better company to supply you with replacement parts than the company that made the original parts for your vehicle.

Aftermarket Auto Parts
Companies that manufacture aftermarket auto parts are not looking to provide people with replacement parts that are perfect for a single model. These parts are usually designed for many different models, so they only provide a general fit.

Aftermarket auto parts are usually just cheaply made, and are best for those on a budget. Most aftermarket parts have attractive designs but they’re not necessary when dealing with high performance vehicles. For instance, if you’re repairing a vehicle such as an Audi RS, you don’t want to attempt to improve the quality of the vehicle’s parts.

Replacing auto parts with aftermarket parts can also hurt the value of your vehicle. Everyone wants to have a car that’s completely original, whether new or old. If you ever need to replace any parts, it’s best to get OEM auto parts, especially if you could be selling it in the future. When describing a vehicle to a potential buyer, it’s definitely a bonus to mention that certain parts were replaced with new OEM auto parts.

This is also the case when dealing with vintage cars and trucks. If you decide to buy aftermarket parts for the vehicle you are restoring, you will save money. However, the problem is that the vehicle will lose value. If you compare a vehicle that has been restored with only OEM auto parts to one that’s been restored with aftermarket parts, generally speaking, the vehicle with OEM auto parts will be worth more.

The main reason for this is that the vehicles are as close to the original condition as they can be. Any car buff that invests in old cars wants vehicles that are completely original; otherwise it’s just an old vehicle with cheap parts installed to keep it running.

While it may seem repetitive, OEM auto parts are really a superior option. If you care about your car’s appearance, performance, and resell value, you will definitely want to only invest in the highest quality parts. If you only need to get replacement parts for a day to day car, you don’t necessarily need to buy the most expensive parts. In closing, OEM auto parts are the best option for those looking to keep their vehicle as close to perfect as possible.

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