Off Road Shocks

Every vehicle needs shocks in order to prevent the car from bouncing all over the place when driven over a bump on the road. There are many different types of shocks for your vehicle but the type you choose should be based on the type of vehicle you drive and what type of driving conditions your vehicle will face.

If your vehicle will be doing a lot of off road driving then you will want to purchase shocks that are made to handle extreme conditions that could be experienced when driving off road. Whether or not you drive your vehicle off road as a hobby or if that vehicle will be driven off road daily for a job you will need to make sure your vehicle is equipped with the proper shocks to avoid damage to other parts of the car.

When a vehicle is driven off road without the proper shocks or with shocks that are worn out then you will find, that as the driver or passenger of the vehicle, the ride inside the car is not such a fun one. Without the proper shocks your vehicle will bounce around all over the place and this could mean that the wheels, tires, axles and other parts of the car take the brunt of the shock. This is a good way of needing further maintenance on your vehicle that can eventually become quite expensive. Also when the vehicle does not have a way of absorbing the shock from a bumpy terrain you run the risk of the underside of the vehicle hitting the ground causing damage to the exhaust, differentials, or the bumpers.

When it comes to purchasing the best off road shocks you can find a wide selection online. It is advisable to get a professional opinion on what type of shocks would be best suited for your particular type of vehicle. This may be determined based on what type of conditions your vehicle will be faced with when driven off road. If you will be driving a show vehicle that will be jumping and landing then you may want a different type of shock then someone who drives on a bumpy desert terrain or someone that needs shocks fitted for rock crawling.

For those who are driving trucks or SUV's off road the best type of shock absorbers may be those that give your truck extra height. These can be purchased with a vehicle lift kit. Purchasing shocks that can be adjusted for both compression and rebound dampening may offer the most benefits in off roading situations. There are air shocks, leaf springs, coil springs and coil over shocks, all that offer different benefits. You can purchase many shocks individually or with an installation kit. Make sure that once you have determined the type of shock you need for your vehicle that you replace all the shocks at the same time. You can install both front or both rear shocks at a time or all four together. This will prevent your car from being imbalanced and any damage being done to your axles, wheels or suspension. You should have your new shocks installed by a professional in order for a proper fit. When shocks are installed correctly you should be able to tell a noticeable difference in the way your car rides.

Having the proper off road shocks will help you experience a smooth ride and allow your car to handle and drive much smoother. Although driving off road will always be a bumpy ride, having the right shock absorbers will make the experience a much better one.

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