Offroad Coilover Shocks

Having an off road vehicle means that you are ready for adventure and ready to experience the rugged life. If you have a vehicle that will be traveling off road in bumpy conditions then you will need to prepare your vehicle with the best shocks available. You may have a vehicle that only goes off roading every once in a while and the driving conditions are not too extreme or you may have a vehicle that is driven off road on a regular basis and travels over long stretches of very rough conditions. Either way you will want to install the best shocks on your vehicle as possible

Coilover shocks could possibly be the best shocks you could install on your vehicle when it is faced with a lot of bumps in the road. Not only will they minimize the effects you feel from going over such rough terrain but they will also help keep your vehicle from being damaged from the constant pressure of going up and down. Vehicles without proper shocks are subject to extreme wear and tear on other parts of the vehicle. Including the tires, under carriage, breaks, wheels, bumper and exhaust system. Anytime the car bottoms out any part of the car and be damaged. Having the proper shocks will prevent this from happening and absorb all the shock that the vehicle experiences preventing the other parts of the car and the passengers from taking the brunt of the bumps and bangs associated with off- roading.

Coilover shocks are designed to take on a lot of rough conditions and up and down movements. They are also designed to support the weight of a heavy vehicle which is great when you have a large truck or carrying several people at a time. The coilover shocks have large coil springs that fit on the outside of a shock that has been pressurized with Nitrogen. These shocks are adjustable which gives you flexibility.

Coilover shocks come in 2”, 2 ½ “ and 3” diameters. Most vehicles will not need coils bigger than 2”. They are capable of handling most off-roading conditions that are required of an outdoor hobbyist. However if your vehicle is used in rough conditions on a daily basis you may want to consider going up to the 2 ½” coils. The 3” coils are usually purchased by drivers who have large show trucks that are used for jumping and landing constantly.

Coilover shocks are not necessarily hard to install however they do require a few tools and a mounting kit. The coilover shocks are usually between $400 and $600 a shock and therefore when purchasing a set for all for axles you will be spending a couple thousand dollars. If you are unsure how to install coilover shocks then you should have them installed by someone that has experience with this sort of installation. You should never install just one coilover shock as this will cause damage to your vehicle. You must install both rear, both front, or all four coilover shocks at one time.

Coilover shocks are some of the best shocks you can purchase for improving the overall handling of a vehicle. This is even more true for someone that goes off- roading. Not only will the coilover shocks help with maintaining the vehicle’s suspension but it will also help with steering and turning as well. If you are considering replacing your existing shocks and are going to be driving off road then purchasing coil over shocks are a great choice and you will be pleased with their overall performance.

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